RybAxel Beat Rhodes Bros, Cody Rhodes Tells Goldust He Needs A Better Partner

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Ryback and Curtis Axel beat Cody Rhodes & Goldust in an impromptu match at WWE Payback on Sunday night. The finish saw Ryback pin Rhodes after hitting Shellshock on him.

After the match, Rhodes got on the mic and told Goldust he needs a better tag team partner.

There was a funny line on announce that I mentioned on Twitter.

  • Ian P.

    Why do there always have to be fights when tag teams break up? Can’t they just part amicalbly? For instance, Kofi and R Truth just went there separate ways without fighting each other. So why can’t the Rhodes brothers do the same?

    • BigMike

      because Cody is a better heel

      • jason witten 82

        does everyone else feel this way, cuz i think hes so much more natural as the good guy

  • T-Zone

    You should know that the Big Guy usually deletes his tweets.