Sad Update On Virgil, Jake Roberts/Scott Hall Footage, Pierzynski Says Punk's His Favorite

- In a sad "where are they now?" update, Virgil is panhandling memorabilia in Grand Central Subway Station. You can view coverage at this link by

- Diamond Dallas Page posted the following footage of Jake Roberts coming to Scott Hall's house in Florida:

- Texas Rangers catcher A.J. Pierzynski says his favorite wrestler is currently CM Punk. Click here for more.

  • WOW Virgil! It’s like that now?!?!? I met him at the 2 previous NYC Comic-Cons, and both times, he seemed somewhat desperate to get people to take pictures with him and the Million Dollar Championship ($15 dollars per photo).

  • Kleck

    These Scott Hall videos really get into the mindset of Hall. He wants to get better and it’s so uplifting to see that he actually desires to get better. He feels Dallas and Jake can help him achieve those heights. I believe Hall will beat those demons this time. He has a support structure that was absent before.

  • Dave L

    It’s sad to see talent like that since vince bought everyone out talent thats not on tv really have no where to go, you put your life on the line every night in the ring, then the ring gets ripped out from under you…

  • In 2006 at a FanFest, I was told by a reputable source (a major name from the 70s & 80s who I’d rather not name) that Virgil has a gambling problem.

  • Winnipeg

    Wow. And on the wwe web page where it says “where are they now” they say “The man formally known as Virgil now teaches mathematics several days a week at a Catholic High School in his home town of Pittsburgh, Pa” 

  • MonstaHeel450

    Scott Hall: Ay yo!! Where’s my 6th pizza? Sad… Get well.
    Even sadder is that life after wrestling is sometimes never pretty if you make the wrong choices. Dag Virgil…. Not too late to come back and be Ted Jr.’s muscle….. Both of you could use help at this moment..