Samoa Joe & James Storm Eliminated From Bound For Glory Series

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Both Samoa Joe & James Storm were officially eliminated from the Bound For Glory Series at TNA No Surrender.

Bully Ray is now scheduled to face Jeff Hardy in this year's finals. Click here for exclusive live coverage of the event.

  • jdl

    Wait, what? They spend months building up Storm, and have him lose to Bully Ray? You've got to be kidding me, Bully Ray of all people is in the BFG finals? This is ridiculous. If it doesn't turn out that Bully Ray is behind Aces and Eights at this point… I honestly can't come up with a reason to put him into the main event of any PPV.

  • Kyle

    Maybe they had Bully Ray win so he would be more tempted to re-signing with TNA. I could see them putting him over just to make him happy.

    • JG2078

      My thoughts as well. What a joke, storm should have the shot!

  • javion

    For some reason I see some immortal stuff happening again

  • Bishop

    I was more surprised with Joe losing to
    Hardy again. The tap out is probably the end of anything related to Joe’s semi-push

  • _JIM_

    Bully is an awesome heel and he’s worked really hard at getting over as a singles worker. So him being in the finals isn’t really a surprise to me at all. I think he deserves it after losing to Storm in last years semi-finals. Plus TNA doesn’t want him jumping ship back to WWE. So putting him in the finals is a good way for the company to show how much he means to them.