Sandow Off Weekend Shows, WWE 2K14 Released, Total Divas Return, Backstage Fallout

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- Damien Sandow is headed to Paris, France on Friday to do international media for WWE 2K14. He isn't scheduled for weekend WWE live shows as a result.

- Speaking of WWE 2K14, the game was released on Tuesday. You can read reviews, watch videos and video screen shots here at

- You can watch a commercial for the return of Total Divas at this link or embedded in the video below:

- This week's episode of Backstage Fallout Raw is subtitled "THE CHAMP, John Cena, Retains!" and is online now at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:

  • Malboja

    Now I’m not a cena hater but I truely be live there are others who can hold the title
    My problem is this cena is now a 14 time champion
    He will inevitably overtake flair and will be the most decorated champion ever
    But is it just …..
    If titles mean what we are supposed to belive then are we saying that cena is in fact the best ever , better than ….
    I mean cena is ok in the ring and can be good on the mic but that’s it I don’t see him as exceptional

    • mike

      I’m no cena (character) fan, but the man puts his heart into the business and it shows. He has done more for kids and the future wwe universe, exactly what Hogan did with many in his day. To me cena is a great champion.

      • Malboja

        I’m not denying his work ethic but you gonna tell me he is best ever in the industry because that’s how he is being billed now