Santino A World Champion?, Wrestlemania Plans For Randy Orton, Barrett's Unfortunate Injury, EC Booking

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Could you see Santino Marella ever holding the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship? Why or why not?

I do not consider Santino Marella world champion material. No disrespect to him but the character is a comedy gimmick that isn't meant to be taken seriously as an in-ring performer. Randy Orton's concussion provided WWE a chance to book Santino in the underdog role at Elimination Chamber but I don't think anyone legitimately thought he was going to defend the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. How he was booked on last night's Raw Supershow against Daniel Bryan is more indicative of his position in the company. The rare thing about Santino is that he isn't hurt by doing jobs because of how good he is on the mic.

Now that Randy Orton has a concussion and Wade Barrett was injured last night on Raw Supershow, how will their feud continue if at all? Also if Orton is healthy, do you see him being involved in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania?

I believe the plan was for Randy Orton's feud with Wade Barrett to be blown off at Elimination Chamber as it seemed they were laying the groundwork for Orton vs. Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship. WWE reported yesterday (using the word "reported" lightly) Orton was going to get re-evaluated in two weeks. I could easily see Orton coming back with the angle that since he didn't have a chance to be in the Elimination Chamber because of the "belt shot" from Daniel Bryan that he deserves a spot in the match for the title at Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan defending in a triple threat match against Sheamus and Randy Orton would be my pick for the Wrestlemania bout.

In your opinion was anyone to blame for the injury on tonight's Raw Supershow, or did you see it as a clean unlucky situation?

I've watched the spot a couple of times and Wade Barrett was prepared for it. It's not like Big Show recklessly tossed Dolph Ziggler out of the ring as all parties involved were ready. With that being said I have to chalk it up as an unlucky bump for Wade Barrett. The spot was risky but they were willing to go through with it. We have to be very careful when pointing fingers and this is something I talked about with a lot of TNA wrestlers over the weekend. I asked Kid Kash about Jesse Sorensen's injury at Against All Odds and in that situation - who is to blame? Sorensen? Zema Ion? Kash told me that everyone is aware of the risks that go along with this business. Working in WWE or TNA is a desirable position and they understand the risks before they go out there and while you don't want to see anyone get hurt, it happens.

Why did one of the Chamber matches not headline Elimination Chamber match on Sunday night?

WWE Elimination Chamber was a weirdly booked pay-per-view. When WWE opened with the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match I thought for sure the World Heavyweight Championship Chamber match would close, possibly with a surprise return. As we saw, none of that happened and the World Heavyweight Championship Chamber match was in the middle of the card! I guess WWE wanted John Cena in the main event to portray him as strongly as possible going into Wrestlemania XXVIII. I would have had one of the Chamber matches cap the pay-per-view but WWE obviously felt differently.
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  • Scottyo614

    Saw on an ad last night for the Smackdown here in Columbus in March that Wade was going to fight Orton… Which would have lead me to believe they woulda done something at Mania? Even though card is subject to change always.

  • sforester

    Unfortunate spots or no, there are far too many injuries occurring these days- Sin Cara's ACL, Christian's ankle, Mark Henry's groin/knee, Sorensen's neck, Barrett's arm, etc. WWE and other promotions need to get this injury plague under control and fast.

    • mathew30

      welcome to professional wrestling, where it has been stated over and over in the last year, specifically by hhh and cm punk that they fight in that rang and expect shit to happen. they train their ass of so it doesnt hapen, but they are in the business where risks are taken and things do happen, take hhh torn acl i believe it was years ago just before he was about to land his sledge hammer in the ring, suddenly it gave way… its just one of those things

    • Blazeking

      You can't get freak occurrences "under controll". It comes along with the business.

      • sforester

        You're right, Blazeking. You can't get "freak occurrences" under control. However, surely you'll agree that something is seriously wrong with the way that the wrestlers are keeping themselves outside of the ring. I respect that it's a risk they take, but there's something to be said for minimizing the risk. The Sorensen-Ion spot could have been avoided by precautions by both wrestlers. Mark Henry's injuries could have been less severe if he had gotten time off/a lighter schedule before he did, etc. You can't eliminate risk, but you can minimize it.

  • Ricky

    Wrestling is a physical sport, you'll have people tell you all day long that it's faked and the wrestlers learn how to fall. But still injuries happen and when are are THROWN roughly twenty feet (mostly down), bad things can happen.

    In the Ion/Sorrenson case both were green and with a high risk spot the worst possible outcome happened. With Big Show/ Barrett it's different. It was more bad luck than anything else. I agree there has been a rash of injuries going around these days and some could be due to working injured and not telling anyone out of fear of losing thier spot.

  • thatguy

    besides his gimmick Santino is a very tight and very good wrestler. Even with the comedy role if they let him be serious in the ring then regardless of his character i can see him going way to the top of the ladder based just on his in ring skills. His timing, flow, grace in the ring is better than most of the top talent in the WWE. They just need to take a route where when its time to wrestle he gets to put people in awe

  • Dave Barton

    Santino as champ? Mikey Whipwreck worked, and he didn’t have the in ring experience Santino has.

  • Brian

    Does anyone agree with me that Santino has developed his character so well that he could be casted as a side role in a comedy? I could easily see this character as a villian in some comedy spoof or something. Say like an Austin Powers 4….just an example.

  • tom

    when I saw the Cena match was closing the PPV, I thought for sure that Cena would open the ambulance door to throw Kane in and Rock would burst out and take it to Cena.

    • Brian

      Better yet, it would have been better if after he threw Kane in the ambulance, Undertaker would be shown in the front seat saying the words…."where to KAne"…..Anyone remember that? "Where to Stephanie" Ok, that sounded funnier before I typed it all out. OK, I'm ready to be negatived to the high waters.

  • John

    The way the RAW chamber match was booked with Jericho getting taken out of the match meant that they couldn't possibly put that as the main event as it would've left people very disappointed. And the Smackdown chamber match really was a non event unless Bryan was going to loss the title, which was obviously not going to happen as soon as it was known that the match wasn't the main event.

    Really there was no alternative to have Cena/Kane main event as both Chamber matches would've been a poor ending to the show.

  • Sander

    I saw when Christian hurted his ankle in Brussels. That was just a bad landing from the 2nd rope back in the ring. No one te blame for that one.

  • Jeff Kansas

    I love Santino, I think he's got a great thing going, but I seriously hope that he is never again involved in a main event caliber match because like ya said Richard, he's a comedy relief and no one and not even the most die hard santino fans out there believed that he would come out of he EC as the World champion and headline the biggest show of the year. Now, I think its pretty safe to say that Santino will have a job with WWE for years to come because he's team player and hes talented in many areas, But seriously, the spot he got could have gone to someone else, man I could think of so many different names, Ezekiel Jackson, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, Ted DiBiase, omg even WILLIAM FREAKIN REGAL! hell, why not even Mark Henry? He could have pulled a Edge and attacked Santino as he was walking down to the ring and take his spot in the chamber. Anyway, this EC ppv was not as good as it could have been, shame!

  • Lee

    last nite during Raw advertisement for the "Over the Limit" ppv on May 20 featured cena. It said that Orton vs Bryan vs Sheamus will be a triple threat match for the World title. It eludes to Cena facing the WWE champ after "the biggest match in history". It's an ad so take it for what it is worth.

  • @jblack424

    Injuries is part of the business. I as a wade fan is disappointed but I’m not gonna blame anyone. Freakish injuries happen. I played hoops, baseball,football and even did mma training. I got hurt bad 3 times none to do with the sports I played. 1. Ran down my hill about 90 degrees and 4 ft hill and completely broke my fibula and was in whole leg cast. I was playing catch went for ball rocks in my alley caused my collarbone to break. My latest which end all I fractured my skull when I was drinking and it was so dark in woods fell off a 40 foot cliff on my skull. I’ve been a lifelong athlete and 3 injurys that are just bad luck.

    I like you was expecting something major in sd chamber and after raw started I thought sd would end show. Cena is wwe face and him and kane was the most hottest storyline heading to chamber so I get it.

    To orton coming back for triple threat I would be excited about that as all 3 men could win. Orton because wwe doesn’t have faith in sheamus or bryan. Bryan or sheamus to break out in main title win.

    I could see santino as a champ and lose it quick. I remember in ovw he was champ tv for a while I believe and his character was serious. They could do it and never say never but I hope he never does

  • sunny

    I really have to say I disagree with your opinion on santino as a world champion. A long time ago we had male cheerleaders and one of them became a world champion, a male rapper who became 12 time world champion, a annoying skinny guy who think he awsom a world champion and a tall indian guy who can not speak english so why not santino

  • Zach

    Has anyone else noticed all the people on the smackdown roster are getting injured?

  • Jbreed

    Unless they drop his lame gimmick, Santino Marella winning the world championship would be an embarrassment to the world title, pro wrestling and anybody who has ever been world champion.

    • H.M.

      Worse then David Arquette? 0_0

      • Jbreed


  • Jaryd

    I said in the Live Blog on Sunday that I think an idea might be that 1 day Santino wins a world title, only for a MITB holder to cash in on him immediately after. I mean you'll probably all pan that but I think it would be sufficient reward to him for being such a great mic man and it could be done in a way in keeping with his comedy character. With the way the world titles are booked these days it's not like it would devalue the title any more than they already are!

  • bettysteve

    who's to blame? l just like how the "head finger pointer" is out with his second serious injury in as many years, yeah?!
    no fingers pointed in the vipers direction. *snicker*

  • Trippster

    Santino got the biggest pops of the night when it came down to just him & d.b. in the chamber! He’s the best character of all the superstars, more “over” than all the superstars and since Vince doesn’t care about in ring work then hell yeah world champ! He has earned it and I think the universe would have gone ape had he pulled it off. He should have!

  • jdl

    Santino is a rare breed, with a few gimmick tweaks he could become a world champion. It's a damn shame they canned Kozlov, as they would have been perfect as a world champion duo. Have Santino win the title, then defend it against a few upper mid card workers he could legitimately beat, and then every time he's in over his head have him get knocked down, the ref knocked out and have Kozlov run in and set things up for Santino to win. No eventual betrayal from Kozlov, no Santino getting arrogant, just a top run for a guy who deserves more than he gets, with a healthy dose of humor to keep things fresh. Doesn't have to be Kozlov, could be any giant mid carder, though preferably one that Santino has chemistry with.

  • Alex

    One thing I believe wrestling fans need to stop doing these days is judging everyone and their gimmick based on if they can be world champion. Its not if they can't see it then they don't care. That wrestler could win Royal Rumble, IC title, and it won't matter to anyone cause he didn't win the world title. Yes it's the big prize but you can still be entertaining and an asset to all wrestling without every having to win the world. Do I think Santino will win the world title? No . . . not in this gimmick. Who knows what the future will hold for him. Did anyone ever see "Stunning" Steven Austin becoming the biggest name in wrestling even topping Hulk Hogan and saving the WWE from going out of business? No. Did anyone ever think that the smiling Rocky Maivia would ever be world champion and famous movie star? No, and don't lie just cause you like the Rock now. Back then everyone booed him out of the arena and told him to "Die Rocky Die". All I'm saying is that we never know what a wrestler will be able to accomplish in their life so don't judge them base on one gimmick.

  • Tino199

    I can see santino Marella as champ because he worked hard to be in the wee and ever wrestler should deserve to hold a world title

  • Marc

    I believe Barrett was injured during the EC bout when he dropped the elbow on Big Show. He was struggling with his elbow after that, and the condition worsen on RAW.

  • Brandon

    Cena over Kane main eventing Elimination Chamber 2012 = the returning of the same old same old Cena

  • Fred

    Remember last yr wrestlemania? Shamus vs danial bryan for the us championship wasnt even shown on tv & a yr later the same match diffrent title is in the main event!