Santino Marella Considering A Return To The Ring Following Fusion Surgery

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After suffering a third neck injury and subsequently announcing his retirement from the ring back in July, Santino Marella now appears to be considering an in-ring return.

In an interview with Chill Magazine, he discussed his most recent neck and spinal issues, but noted that a double fusion surgery could mean a return to the ring after "four to six months of recovery time." He plans on undergoing surgery within a month, after which he plans to attempt to return to the ring after a period of recovery. Santino continues in the following excerpt:

I want to come back because of some unfinished business. I believe being the Milan Miracle I have one miracle left. There’s one belt that I haven’t captured—the WWE Championship—and it’s going to require that miracle to do it. On the right day at the right time I can definitely experience capturing that championship. There’s still some good wrestling left in this guy, so that’s what we’re going to try to do.

While WWE covered Santino's announcement, WWE has not definitively referred to Santino as retired, only noting that his in-ring retirement was "possible." Santino plans to stay with WWE in a non-wrestling role if he is unable to return to the ring.

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  • Roger

    No chance in Hell will Vinnie Mac allow Santino to be the WWE Champion.

    • Saif Nabi

      It’d be the shirtest titke reign in history

      • Saif Nabi


      • Mysterion

        Which would have to be less than 30 seconds…

    • jdl

      I could see it happening under the right circumstances. Unfortunately neither Beth Phoenix nor Vladimir Kozlov are around anymore to make those circumstances work. Just have a run where Santino proves, once again, that he’s actually a solid hand in the ring, but have a goon of some kind secretly beating up his opponents somehow. IT would take a lot of finagling to get it to work, and without a second world title it will never happen.

  • Mike McCarthy

    If Santino ever won the WWE Championship, it would only be as a stepping stone to Mr. Money in the Bank. But even then, I don’t see it happening. But who can blame a man for reaching out one last time for that dream.