Santino Marella Injured

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We noted here on Sunday that Santino Marella was replaced by Jamie Noble at Saturday's WWE Raw live event in Laredo, Texas. The same situation took place Sunday night in Corpus Christi.

Santino was injured Friday night in a match against Tensai in Austin, Texas. The early word is some type of head/neck injury although the severity is not yet known.

  • Dangerous Lee


  • Kenneth

    One one hand I hope it’s not serious. I wouldn’t wish injury on anyone.

    On the other hand I hope he’s out for a while because I can’t stand his character. Maybe if he’s out for a while they can retool his character into something that’s not a walking, breathing joke.

    • Nostaljack

      If anyone is a walking, breathing joke, it’s Tensai. It’s time for him to go already, no?

      • Kenneth

        With his current gimmick I’ll go with that, yes.
        And Ryder. And Khali. And Hornswoggle. And Brodus.

  • Aaronmbly

    I coudn’t tell he was injured during the show maybe because i was too far to see

  • Albert isn’t safe to work with and doesn’t care about protecting workers as he’s bitter over the spot he’s in and absolutely hates jobbing – sandbagging Ryback was a prime example. He also thinks working stiff somehow makes him a tough guy.

    • Its coz thats how they work in japan and after years working there its gonna bea hard habit to kick

    • Kenneth

      Albert’s perfectly safe to work with. He might be a bit clumsy at times but it shouldn’t be an issue. Even when working with a clumsy counterpart a wrestler should be able to protect himself against all but the most careless of mistakes.

      These days however everything’s so overchoreographed that the average wrestler hasn’t developed that defensive instinct enough. Because anyone (apart from Khali) who makes a mistake ends up future endeavoured soon afterwards no one ever learns how to cope with opponents who make mistakes.
      All this worrying about ‘safety’ makes for a poorer product in the long run. It’s pro wrestling for crying out loud. It’s not chequers. It’s supposed to be dangerous.