Sara Del Rey Receives High Praise For Work In & Out Of The Ring

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For those that missed the highlights over on, dot com has a great piece on Sara Del Rey that profiles her work as a developmental trainer. Dave Prazak is quoted in the piece, calling her the best American female professional wrestler he's ever seen.

The compliment is a big deal as Prazak is the founder of the all female wrestling promotion Shimmer Women Athletes and has certainly seen his fair share of female talent. Also, I concur, Del Rey is awesome.

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  • jdl

    How about they stop wasting her as a trainer and put her on the road? She could wrestle circles around every Diva outside of Natalya.

    • Patrick

      being a trainer is not a waste of time. after all her help has made the Nxt Divas look better in the ring and someone has to train them and she is best qualify for the job for the Divas. yes she is a great women’s wrestler but she is doing good by helping them.

      • jdl

        She’s doing absolutely no good by helping them. There are three viable women’s wrestlers in NXT, and they were wrestling professionally before signing with WWE. Sara Del Ray is too talented to simply train another generation of bottle blonde, silicone enhanced models.

        • Connor

          Well SDR clearly thinks otherwise. That said I would like to see her on WWE tv, same goes for Paige and Bailey… and Madison Eagles and Jessica Havok, screw it just sign SHIMMER.

    • Lebron James

      Natalya is honestly not that good, or isn’t as good as she used to be. Paige is ten times better. I hope Sara Del Rey gets a shot at the main roster.