A School Puts A Kid In Isolation Because He Has "TNA" Shaved Into His Hair - Dixie Carter Responds

A 12 year old kid named Aidan Fradley was put into isolation by his school because he had the letters "TNA" shaved into the side of his hair. He was taken out of class because of this as he was about to head to London to go to TNA's show in Wembley Arena. The full article can be seen here from Daily Mail.


Dixie Carter responded to this news on her official Twitter account. She thanks Aidan for the support and is sending him merchandise. The tweet is below:

  • michael

    Its probably just a box. Knowing Dixie and her tweets, they always fall short. Let the kid express himself.

  • Jerihoar

    Wonder how much she paid the kid.

  • Iamjohnnymcb

    Tna means a bunch of stuff, maybe he likes tna wrestling or maybe he likes tna, the women clothing brand or maybe he plainly likes t*** n a**

  • Robert Olley

    Christ when i was 12 teachers didnt care what you looked like one lad had pi55 shaved in admittedly tna is a much worse swear though.

  • Patrick

    who cares if the kid shaved TNA into his hair…. as long as he is in school as he should be the school shouldn’t worry about that. what he does with his hair is not there bussiness.

  • BlazeKing

    Dumb school thought it was T*** & A** instead of a wrestling company lol.