Scott Armstrong, CM Punk's Contract Negotiations, Lockdown Location, Heat On Sheamus?

Does WWE make up names for the referees? I was looking online and the real name of Scott Armstrong is Joseph Scott James.

Scott Armstrong is the son of WWE Hall of Famer "Bullet" Bob Armstrong and is the real-life brother of Road Dogg. He began his wrestling career in 1983 in the NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions under the name Scott Armstrong. He also wrestled as Dixie Dy-no-mite in Smokey Mountain Wrestling. Following his in-ring career he pursed a career as a pro wrestling referee. His current stint in WWE is his second as he was released in February 2010 but hired a year later when his father was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Not all referees have ring names but Scott Armstrong working as Scott James would be like Hulk Hogan running TNA as Terry Bollea.

I'm curious if you have any knowledge if part of CM Punk's negotiations last summer with the new contract had anything to do with this long title run. Was this something he had as part of his demands? It just seems strange that he went from almost not re-signing to now having the longest (or he will soon) title reign in the modern era.

CM Punk wanted a firm commitment from WWE that he would be a main eventer. His position of negotiation greatly improved after he delivered one of the best worked shoot promos in the history of the wrestling business on June 27, 2011. His stock skyrocketed and he was able to get Vince McMahon to "cave" on several aspects, including getting the theme music of his choosing. As far as his title reign, it's something that has continued out of circumstance not obligation. To re-live the Punk promo (like I just did), you can watch it at this link.

What is your opinion on TNA booking Lockdown in a 65,000 seat stadium?

I certainly do not expect TNA Wrestling to fill the Alamodome but I'm sure they will try their best to promote Lockdown to the best of their ability. The goal within the company is to make pay-per-views more meaningful by reducing their number and increasing the build. Whether or not the changes result in larger attendance and more buys remain to be seen. For those interested in a "did you know" bit, WWE held Royal Rumble 1997 from the Alamodome and did an announced attendance of 60,525.

What has Sheamus done/not done to cause WWE to lose faith in him?

I was told this week Sheamus is being tested and hasn't done anything wrong. WWE wants him to "stay hungry" and know there are others vying for his spot in the company. Sheamus is seen as a guy that always works hard and he has the favor of Triple H.

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    Can watch that promo over and over again

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    To be honest I’ve been a bit sick of punk lately but watching that promo reminds me why he deserves to be on top!!!

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    Richard, I watched this video the other day with Jim Cornette. While my thoughts on him aren’t the best, he did say that WWE’s attendance at the 1997 Royal Rumble was actually 40,000+ (Forget the actual number), but the let the rest view the PPV for free.

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      I watched Cornette's commentary recently – the lower figure was actual number of people paid while the rest of the crowd was papered, which brought the total attendance to well over 60,000 fans that night.

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    I was in attendance at the RR in 97. No way it was only 40,000. Old Spurs games would get 40 using 2/3 of the arena. Was at least 60,000 that day!

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    I went to Lockdown here in Cincinnati last year and they couldn't even fill 11,000 seats! In fact, there were less than 4,000 in attendance! I have a feeling A LOT of free tickets will be given out for Lockdown!

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    sooo cm punk was pretty much a bret hart when it came to signing negotiating his contract