Scott Hall Arrested Last Week In Florida

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Scott Hall was arrested last Friday in Seminole County, Florida. The reason why has not been made available as of this writing.

Hall continues to suffer from substance abuse problems as I reported here on Premium that he had already relapsed after being out of rehab for only around a week.

Click here to view the public record with Hall's latest mug shot.

  • snuggle

    I really feel sorry for Hall. The guy had a great career, where the sky was truly the limit. I think that Hall needs to get with Michaels and find God. I really hope that one day I come on here or turn on wwe and Halls back and stronger than ever. I know that the guy has had a lot of problems but I’m still not giving up hope. I look at what happened to Whitney Houston and I hope

  • PainOfDemise

    There is just no helping that guy.

  • Zach

    Go look at TMZ, they just posted an article stating he was just arrested for choking his girlfriend after a two day binge drinking spree. Took 2 sets of handcuffs on him!

  • Ernest Bethea

    I don't know what else to be said here. Scott Hall's life is hanging on by a thread. Only Scott Hall can decided if he wants to live or die. To an extent, I agree with PainOfDemise. If Hall wants to die, then yes, there is no helping him. If he wants to live, he's got to take that step. Kevin Nash, Triple H, Sean Waltman or Shawn Michaels can't do that for him. It's all on Scott Hall.

  • Guests

    One problem is the local florida talent continue to treat him like a god. They fawn all over him. sometimes he needs more of a reality check instread.

  • Karl

    I honesty don’t care for this man anymore. He keeps at it again with his habit and there is no stopping him. His career has been over a long time ago. If this was happening to someone young then it’s a different story. At least Jeff Hardy has turned things around.

  • Kevin

    I really feel bad for Scott Hall. I've watched some old NWA footage on ESPNC and he was Tag Team Champ. He was known simply as Big Scott Hall. He was quite good. His run as Razor Ramon was awesome as well. It's a shame he got mixed up with drugs.