Scott Hall & Larry Zbyszko Train With Their Children Last Night In Florida (Photos)

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- The following was sent to us by Larry Johnson:

Scott Hall was back in the ring Wednesday night at the Team Vision Dojo in Orlando, FL. He, along with Larry Zbyszko and Chasyn Rance, ran the class that included Cody Hall, Tim Zbyszko, Santana Garrett, as well as many others. Photos are posted on Larry Z's facebook at

Photos are here:

Class Photo

Scott & Larry giving advice to Cody & Tim

  • Double reversing…

    Hey yo!

  • Hitman310

    Tim Zbyszko has the looks of a jobber in the making…

    • havoc525

      Reminds me of the Fallen Angel when he’d job for WWE with that hairline. He either has to shave it, or get replacement surgery.

    • Bogusstang

      “jobber in the making”. That’s great

  • Ralphus

    Wow! How tall is Cody?

  • christopher525

    Holy hell, Larry's boy already has his dad's hairline. Larry looks sick there, I actually think Scott looks in better health that Zbysko.

  • Howard Stern

    At this point I can't believe Scott Hall still gets asked to do things like this. I know addiction is nearly the worst disease, but after 10 incidents it's clear that somethings gotta change. It seems like everybody in his life is just ignoring what he is doing to himself and those close to him on a monthly basis. Maybe this time he will really make a change for the better. Psyche, I'm not that stupid

    • havoc525

      To be fair, watching the ESPN deal, the one thing that seemed to keep him focused was getting his son going in wrestling.

  • billy

    wonder what stupid name the wwe will give cody hall if he ever makes wwe

  • Kleck

    I think it’s nice to see Scott doing something other than being a drunk bum. I doubt it but perhaps doing something with his son in the wrestling business can give him motivation to straighten his life out.

  • Maz

    Scott hall is proberly the biggest wrestling looser alive and in wrestling history

  • John Fessler

    Glad to see Larry is still alive and well. I wrestle with Larry at Brehend before he launch to the professional world.