Scott Hall Moving In With Diamond Dallas Page

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Jake Roberts, who is currently living with Diamond Dallas Page, posted the following to his Twitter account:

It should be noted that WWE is currently making an effort to get Scott Hall back into a rehab facility.

  • i really hope this straightens him out, i wont give up hope on him yet

  • stoney

    thats good to hear, and I hope he lays off the drugs and alcohol for good

  • cdinho

    Good luck scott hall 🙁

  • Joey

    God Bless DDP

  • Chris

    Considering I expected his passing within 6 months of the infamous indie video, him being alive still is shocking, hope this works for him. If he can clean up, maybe he and Diesel could be added to the HoF.

  • Michael

    That’s awesome I’m glad tart one of the pioneers of the business is getting better and finally deciding to take this serious. Page is what this sport needs more of between him with the yoga and Vince fronting the bill for rehab no matter how much it cost that is commendable of them, now if Vince and other companies would start a health insurance and set up retirement funds that would bring the business full circle. Survey says God bless the bad guy 4 life.

  • Lindstreet

    DDP truly deserves to be in the HOF! Great humanitarian!

  • Maz

    Scott hall Should move in with CM Punk and the SES