Scott Hall Out Of Surgery, Recovering

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Scott Hall is out of surgery and is in recovery. His hip was in bad shape but the early word is the procedure was a success.

  • Awesome for Scott Hall! Imagine if he could come back from this and make one last run in wrestling it would be one of the greatest comeback stories of ALL TIME!

    • Kleck

      I don’t know about a wrestling role but hopefully they can give the man a mic. I think making wrestling a part of his life in some capacity is a necessary path down his road to recovery.

      • That’s why I said IF he
        Could come back from this. Like there’s always a 50-50 chance. If Hogan made a come back in 2002 then I don’t see why Hall couldn’t because Hogan was around Halls age that he’s now if I’m not mistaken.

        • Kleck


  • Nostaljack

    Who cares about some silly “run”? The only thing that matters is that he now actually has a shot at *survival*! That’s far more amazing.