Scott Hall Pulls Out Of Appearance Citing "Medical Problems"

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Scott Hall pulled out of a weekend appearance in California due to "medical problems." The WWE Hall of Famer Tweeted the following:

Jake Roberts stated on a recent episode of Roddy Piper's podcast that Scott had "slipped up a little bit" and the speculation has gone from there.

Richard Reacts: I've heard the rumblings on Scott Hall for a while now, however, the only thing I will say is the fight against addiction and battle with alcoholism/drug abuse is lifelong. This isn't a disease that one simply "overcomes" and that's it. I wish Scott all the best.

  • WNW Fan

    All addictions have relapses. The important thing is to try not to fall completely back down. Everyone who battles addiction has times when they slip up a little but as long as for the most part they stay clean there’s no shame in slipping. We’re all human. Hope he stays the course.

  • King James

    C’mon Bad Guy, fight this thing hey yo.