Scott Hall Shoots With Steve Austin, Chris Jericho Finds Christian

Scott Hall on The Steve Austin Show

Scott Hall will be featured on an upcoming episode of The Steve Austin Show. The following is from Twitter:

Chris Jericho Finds Christian

The most asked question over the past few months has been "where's Christian?" Well, Chris Jericho found him and posted a photo on Twitter. The following is from Jericho's verified account:

  • Chris

    Did he say WHERE he found him? Could he possibly return this weekend?

    • Nostaljack

      I kinda hope he does just so Richard will stop getting the “where is Christian” questions that I’m beyond bored with.

  • BIG M

    I’m starting to think this a simple ploy by wwe keeping Christian of tv for so long so us peeps go through withdral till they finally give us our fix seems like smart buisness .

  • CynIsIn

    Jericho Found Christian! Is there nothing this man can’t do?!