Scott Hall's Lawyer Denies Domestic Violence Allegations

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Scott Hall's lawyer Loredana Nesci told TMZ that Scott did not choke out his girlfriend Lisa Howell despite what she told police. Nesci's statement is below:

"The police arrested Mr. Hall against the wishes of Ms. Howell, who insisted that the argument did not result in violence. Ms. Howell claims that there was no physical abuse."

Adding that Scott and Lisa "have a peaceful and amicable relationship."

The statement contradicts the police report that alleges Hall got violent and was intoxicated.

  • Logan_Walker

    This is getting Way Out Of Control Now… Some one Needs To Stop Him

    • Victor

      No one can stop him

      • Logan_Walker

        Someone Needs To and Quick

  • Maz

    I see another chris Benoit, why is she even still with him

  • Russell

    Ok on the 2nd report I said with the power of Christ anybody can turn around and am still 100 percent behind Hall u can read all my comments on Hall's 2nd report. I am also 100 percent behind everything I said and everything Christ can do. But Hall u did something wrong it sounds like(I'm not here to be a hypicrit) but if that is true be a man and admit your mistakes and move on from your addictions.

  • thatguy

    he has been trying to stop himself for a while though people keep trying to get him help

  • Double reversing…

    Hey now. If the bruises don’t fit, you must acquit.

  • Kevin

    Ok, the story I read said that the police arrived and determined that Scott Hall was inebriated. They also found marks on his girlfriend, including redness around the neck. She initially told them he had been violent toward her, including choking her. The marks would seem to back up that story. Now she says he didn't hurt her and doesn't want to press charges. Sounds to me like she's afraid that if she pursues a legal course against him he'll hurt her even more – or worse. Perhaps the state should step in and press charges against him. I'm not sure that would help him; as I've said before, Scott must admit that he has a problem before he can actually get help with that problem. But at least it would get him away from her and possibly save her life.