Scott Hall's Son Works First Wrestling Match Last Weekend; Watch It Here

Scott Hall's son Cody worked his first wrestling match last Saturday. You can watch it embedded in the video below:

  • Shay

    Another powerhouse. Hope he doesn't turn out like his father.

  • Patrick Peralta

    not bad looked good..I agree though I hope he stays clean and does not repeat his father's mistakes.

  • Chris

    Scott Hall looks a bit beefy, but it's nice to see him not staggering around and reasonably coherent. His kid is big and the name will help him get a contract down the future I'm sure.

  • Jo

    I can never watch a video! For some reason it goes to advertisement and will never do anything.

    • DrAwkward

      Now why did this guy get 2 thumbs down just because he can't see the video? Geesh, give the guy a break.

  • Joe

    How come I can’t watch the video. It happens alot. It just go’s to advertisement and does nothing.

  • Joe

    Wish I could watch it

  • Satan

    He is the future of wrestling.

  • Bailey

    We all have our demons & angels..Scott hall is Scott doesn’t mean like father like son in all cases!
    Good luck Cody…stay true

  • the worst part is that this was the last WCW game ever made. I know you said that in the video but jeez. the last WCW game and it sucks. that’s just a big dissapointment.