More On Scott Hall/WWE HoF Rumors; Denies Being Booked For PWR Event

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Scott Hall Tweeted the following to us regarding a possible WWE Hall of Fame induction:

As we reported here on, Hall fueled rumors of his induction when talking about Twitter verifying his account along with 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductees Jake Roberts and Amy "Lita" Dumas. We also referenced our February 7, 2014 report, where we confirmed WWE had contacted him about an induction.

In other news regarding Hall, he's booked for the Pro Wrestling Report's fourth annual Shenanigans Event in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 4, 2014 (Wrestlemania XXX weekend). While Hall Re-Tweeted a post about a Q&A he'll be doing with Kevin Nash as part of the event on February 12, 2014, he claimed on Saturday he had no knowledge of the booking. Below is the Tweet he Re-Tweeted:

Below are the strange Tweets where he denies being booked for the event or having knowledge of it:

For details on PWR's Shenanigans World Order & After Party, click here.

February 15, 2014 3:10 PM EST Update: Hall posted this follow-up on Twitter:

End update.

  • Redertainment

    Why are we talking about Scott Hall being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame but not Kevin Nash?

    • opie

      Easy. The assumption is being made because of his Twitter account being verified, while Nash’s was already verified. I do kinda hope they induct them separately, though. Inducting the original NWO or even just The Outsiders would kinda cheapen what they did individually, which was pretty awesome.

      • Truth but there’s never been a more important stable in wrestling than the nWo. Their individual accomplishments can’t be denied, of course. However, what Hogan, Hall & Nash did with the nWo and the impact it had was so game-changing that utterly eclipses anything Razor Ramon or Diesel did in WWF/E before it.

        • opie

          You’re right. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be inducted as a group (they absolutely should). I just think there’s a logical order of operations. Hall and Nash are both HOF material, but if the nWo go in together first, doesn’t that make individual inductions a bit dull? I mean, if Arn Anderson got inducted by himself (which he really should, by the way) isn’t it a bit *bleh* because he’s already been inducted?

          • Bob’s Diner

            I don’t see the problem – the biggest thing in either man’s career is easily the NWO – what else did they ever do? They certainly don’t have illustrious careers on their own

          • opie

            I completely disagree. Both were HUGE in WWE before they ever went to WCW. That’s why NWO worked in the first place. Hall was one of the best IC champs of the 90s. Nash was a triple crown winner and wildly over. I agree that the NWO was the biggest thing in either of their careers, but that’s easy to say when you’re talking about the biggest angle in the history of wrestling.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Nash is still considered the worst drawing WWE Champion of all-time, so your opinion that he was “wildly over” or that “Hall was one of the best IC champs of the 90s” are exaggerated at best.

            Don’t get me wrong, I find arguing over the WWE Hall of Fame pointless. But the idea that Hall and Nash warrant both singular and stable inclusions is just baffling. Heck, I’m sure HHH will end up in there at least 3 or 4 times once his in-ring career is completely over

  • _JIM_

    Hall and Nash both deserve to be inducted. Whether it be as Razor Ramon and Diesel or as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Being this is a WWE Hall of Fame they would probably go in as Razor and Diesel, but there is no arguing the fact that they both had the most success wrestling under their real names. They should both be inducted as single’s competitors before inducting the founders of the nWo as a stable. It wouldn’t be right for them just to be inducted as a part of the nWo. They both have accomplished well more than what is required of a WWE Hall of Famer in single’s competition. Plus they were arguably the best tag-team of their generation as The Outsider’s. They are a lock to go in at some point IMO, and I think that they should most definitely be inducted in the same year. If that’s the case, and they are inducted in the same class, it most likely won’t be this year. Because this year’s class already has a headliner in The Ultimate Warrior, and is already pretty stacked with Lita and Jake Roberts being a part of it. Hall and Nash will probably headline a class sometime in the near future imo.

  • Bob’s Diner

    They will go in with Hogan as the NWO and they should consider themselves lucky they have a close friend running WWE so they can actually get in. Two guys that have made a living no-showing events and refusing to put anyone over other than themselves and their friends… I’m still confused as to why anyone would pay them money for any reason other than to go away and stay away from pro-wrestling forever