Scott Steiner Continues Twitter Rampage; How Others In TNA Feel About Hogan & Company

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Scott Steiner continues his rampage against Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard on his official Twitter account. Steiner encouraged fans to turn the channel when Hogan, Bischoff or Garett Bischoff came on the screen in order to support workers like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, Abyss, Sting, Matt Morgan, Magnus and Kazarian (all of who he mentioned by name).

As I mentioned in yesterday's Ask WNW, while a lot of what Steiner says can go in one ear and out the other, his sentiment regarding the main event scene in TNA is shared amongst several working in the company undercard.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Shawn Daniels for his help with this story.

  • H.M.

    The Steiner revolution? He's a bit of a batsy guy and he's usually off his rocker, but this time around, I think I agree with what he has to say.

  • Dave L

    I'll say 2 things and then shut up. 1st: both WWE and TNA need great Legendary Tag teams to build up both of their tag team divisions, a "heart felt and hard worked" Steiner brothers Would kill it making a return and then laying down for other teams, just like what was done for them on the way up. and B: Leaving a job and bad mouthing the company ensures that that job will not likely be there for you if you need them later on, and really what other company is going to want to take a risk on a talent such as steiner that if you don't do what he says he's going to talk smack about you to anyone who will listen when he leaves..

  • Daniel

    I honestly respect Scott Steiner for speaking up. The primary reason I stopped watching TNA was due to it becoming the Hogan and Bischoff show. I was really hoping they were going to help talent, not hurt them.

  • ryder

    Not related to the article but can we all agree Steiner + Mic = Ratings

  • Jay Riverz

    Hogan will die TRYING to bring down McMahon…. it will NEVER happen… Sorry TNA, but theres a reason why McMahon got rid of that talent,(except a few, Angle, Hardy, etc…) a shame really. its TIME 4 Hogan to throw in the towel..Hulkamania has run OUT.

  • TNAfan

    I havent read his twitter postings but from what I read in this article he is on the money. Steiner has the ticket to high ratings. Listen to the man!