Scott Steiner Says Guys Don't Respect Ric Flair, Calls Him A Drunk

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Scott Steiner has come absolutly unglued on Twitter regarding TNA, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and has added Ric Flair into the fold. While many of his Tweets cannot be included here due to explicit language, below is what he had to say about Flair:




You can keep up with Steiner's madness at this link.

I have nothing to add to Steiner's verbal rampage, however, I can easily report to you that not everyone in TNA is on the Flair bandwagon. Flair is looked at as a guy that is there to collect the paycheck on limited dates. He's able to do what he whats, when he wants and doesn't face any repercussions, even if it means no-showing a scheduled date.  Showing up late or in an altered state also falls under this category as all of his behavior is tolerated because of his name recognition.

  • Andy

    Steiner has no right to call out anyone out over their demons, the guy is the definition of a loose cannon.

    • kbunyon

      I have to disagree on the 'no right' part of that. We all have the right, no matter what our lives look like.

      Yes, Steiner is a loose cannon, but I think it's about time someone call out Flair, Bisch, Hogan, Dixie and TNA as a whole. The younger guys who leave TNA are too afraid to complain about things as they don't want to burn bridges, or look like whiners. They have their futures to look out for and need to find other wrestling work. This is something that I'd imagine Steiner has less worries about.

      I think it's great that Steiner is being as vocal as he is, and doing it in his particularly quirky way. More power to Scotty Steiner!



      • Andy

        I understand what Steiner means when he says this, and definitely back it for the younger guys who deserve time over the 'has-beens' as such. The issue I have is that I don't believe Steiner should be bringing up Ric Flair's personal life when it's apparent that Steiner himself has his vices. Bottle kettle black to me…

    • jdl

      While Steiner is definitely calling the kettle black, there is some measure of truth to what he's saying. Flair has done a terrible job managing his personal life and his finances, he's tarnishing his legacy and himself because of it.

  • John

    I would respect Flair a lot more if he had stayed retired.

  • I'm stunned by Scott Steiner's tweets. He clearly has a couple of screws loose.

  • Hitman310

    WOW talk about a jealous ex girlfriend behavior by Scott. TNA let you go now move on…

    • Matt Scott

      You haven’t been keeping up have you? He refused to re-sign.

    • Josh

      Steiner still technically is under the TNA umbrella, as he is on the Ring Ka King program

  • Double reversing…

    As stated in the past by Mr. Flair, he is a God! Any questions.

  • PFElton

    There is absolutely no reason Ric Flair is broke. He has made more money than any of us will ever see and has nobody to blame for his problems but himself.

  • outkazt09

    The big bad booty daddy is hilarious. Keep em coming.

  • Snitch

    Well I'm for one to let this out in public. Steiner may not be correct but I think someone should cast light on the problems of TNA, they need to get rid of dead weight. Steiner has called himself out on that one too though. I want so bad for TNA to get it together and make two shows a week so more of their wrestlers get air time and create good stories against each other, every week it seems to be the same group of people. I love watching TNA over WWE, but I just want more progression. I can wish right? 🙂

  • tone

    don’t care about Flair’s personal life. I know what he accomplished in the ring for over 40 years…. He is the man without question.

  • Paul

    Flair should have stayed “retired” but he has earner the right to work limited dates, he’s ancient in terms of an active wrestler and he payed his dues long ago.

  • gpturbo81

    people are just too sensitive.

  • thatguy

    As a fan i haven't respected Flair in a LONG time. He has only done it to himself and devalued his name like no other

  • Ricky Valdez

    If it is true and ric flair has let him self go then I blame it on tna, when flair was in wwe I bet he was more well behaved because of the discipline that wwe has, I’m not saying if you are in wwe you can’t get out of hand when it comes to drugs or alcohol, but those kind of things are not tolerated. Look at Jeff hardy and how they let him perform on a ppv high, that would have never happened in wwe, I thinks it’s tna management fault if flair has gotten out of hand with his behavior.

    • Andyc18:Christian should be a face, he’s a naarutl face like Rey Mysterio. I know they made him a heel to try and give him a change but it’s not working really, the fans still cheer for him haha, he should go back to being a face because that’s what he naarutlly is!

  • matt

    Never was a fan os Steiner's in-ring work (since becoming big poppa pump) but I just love his promos

  • Steve l

    This stuff with Flair isnt a newsbreaking revalation,its a nasty personal attack that is not necessary, and helps no one. He didnt pull the curtain back on anythimg. I dont get people who applaud this nastiness. He didnt quit out of disgust of the way things were run he was fired because he offered nothing now is just mouthing off.

  • Lefty Tosser

    I, for one don't give a flying rip what Steiner thinks. He strikes me as one that between steroids and whatever else he has been doing that his brain cannot think clearly. Sorry, but he has been washed up for 10 years. He should thank someone at TNA for allowing him to cash a paycheck for the last couple of years.

  • Big Dave

    Steiners feelings about Flair are nothing new. HE cut a promo about Flair in WCW that was so nasty it allegedly made Ric cry.Its on you tube.

  • Johhny

    I would spit on flair's grave. Talk about an overrated piece of trash. He never did anything but bore me. The fact WWE had Hurricane put him over ten years ago made me sick. The only way flair can credibly beat anyone then, or now, is a cheap shot with a sharp object from behind.

  • Miles

    Scott Steiner is Spartacus!!!!

  • joe

    big poppa pump is a hasbeen. holla if you hear me.

  • Ty

    Scott Steiner is bitter because he could still be one of the top veteran in any Japanese wrestling federation. He sacrificed that to only see almost a reincarnation of what happened with WCW. I would be upset too! The burning bridges isn’t cool! TNA product has gotten weaker over the last couple of years.

  • Big Papa Hump A LOT

    Scotty Boi is a steroid using loser who is jealous of the fame and career Flair had and has. Scotty boi is nearly forgotten. He is a such a girl. Oh and I know a chic that knows him. She said he lacks in manhood and like a dildo up his ass. Oh well!