Scott Steiner Says He Refused To Sign TNA Contract Extension; Continues To Bury Company Elite

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Scott Steiner claims he was offered a contract extension from TNA but refused to sign it. His comments last night were just the beginning of a rant that continued, where he said he's going to be the voice for the guys that can't say anything. The following is from Steiner's official Twitter account:




  • Ricky

    Good lord, Scotty is shooting himself in the FACE right now with TNA. Seeing as how I don't think WWE will go near him anymore!

    • Paul

      No they won’t, why would wwe go for that gobby washed up hasbeen who achieved less than most wwe mid card talent. He may have a point on bischoff and hogan pulling down ratings for Tna like they did for wow but he has been part of both and is as much of a failure. As you can tell I don’t like or respect Steiner.

  • sampalmerart

    See you in a high school gym somewhere in Wisconsin sometime Scott…

    • Ace

      *Crying like a little girl* It's still real to me damnit

      • kevin

        Ha ha

    • Blazeking

      Scott saved his money unlike the many who have blown through their fortunes (Flair).

  • Moist Farts Stink!!

    glad he speaks da truff

  • Steve l

    TNA should be able to write his salary off as a tax deductable charitable donation. No major American company would touch him and he brought nothing to the table.

  • Matt

    Although he makes SOME points with the ratings, it's still in better hands with hogan than it was before without. I don't see TNA as a sinking ship as most the guys are very happy there. It's just not WWE, and they know that.

  • Irish Noel

    Either he is incredibly stupid or he already has signed to go back to the WWE. Not sure what he could offer them now though.

  • Philip Thompson

    I completely agree with everything that Scott Steiner has to say – Hogan and Bischoff are taking huge paychecks from TNA and are not contributing very much. Their egos are so big that they thought that they would come in to TNA and straight away turn it into a major competitor for WWE, they have delusions of grandeur. Scott Steiner is a great talent, even if he is a little mental and suffers from a little roid rage from time to time. He is actually one of the smarter workers and has enough money that he doesn't need to work if he doesn't want to… unlike Ric Flair!

  • Kevin

    Here's the thing: Despite the fact that Steiner really has no credibility (at least not with me), he's right about the Hogan/Bischoff connection. Especially Bischoff. Bischoff drove WCW into the ground, and would have done the same thing to WWE if Vince hadn't gotten rid of him. I don't know how much Hogan plays into this, but I do know that the demise of the WCW was due mainly to Bischoff. He has no business being in this business.

  • Scott

    Hey Yo, me and my boy Scott we go way back and people can say whatever they want but TNA is like a sinking ship and we rather take the Titanic!!!
    Kliq 4-ever