Sean Waltman Comments On His Recent Drug Arrest

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- Sean Waltman addressed his arrest today on Twitter. Below is from the official Twitter account of Waltman:

  • Moose666

    No one looks good in a mug shot…. fried.

  • Ellen

    Sean, get yourself some serious, inpatient help before it's too late. Your tweets sound just like every other druggie I've ever known…any excuse as long as you don't take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Don't wait until it's too late. Help yourself now!

  • Wayne

    Innocent until proven otherwise

  • mathew30

    I can not be the only one that stunned at his smarts over how hes handlign the media with this, i certainly wasnt expecting such calm and collective thinking from a person on drugs…..or maybe thats just matt hardy's videos that are still ringing in our ears.

  • Aaron

    Nobody looks good but he looked horrible

    • Mr. Love

      Seriously he looks like he just got done with an all night drinking bender