Sean Waltman Hospitalized, Undergoes Surgery After Jerry Lynn Retirement Show

Sean "X-Pac" Waltman had to be hospitalized and required surgery following his match against Jerry Lynn, Horace the Pyschopath and JB Trask Saturday night in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Waltman was injured when he missed on a bronco buster attempt. He was good enough to give a speech after the match about Jerry Lynn's career but was taken to the hospital afterwards.

He underwent surgery Sunday morning as the blown spot literally "ripped his backside apart." He lost a lot of blood from the injury.

Former WWE Diva Ryan Shamrock (real name Alicia Webb) posted the following photo of Waltman in the hospital on Twitter:

You can also view a photo she posted on Instagram at this link.

  • Yousef

    So he broke his ass?

  • big m

    Only one things worse than a broken valve having sex with chyna oh wait.

    • Kenneth

      And the only thing worse than THAT is being filmed having sex with Chyna so the whole world will remember that you did it, but that would never happ…

      oh, wait…

  • He tore himself a new one. Literally. Ouch!

  • Patrick

    when word got out late last night on other sites I thought it was a joke…..since there is parody youtube videos out there on wrestling.

  • _JIM_

    I guess the devastating bronco buster will be removed from Kid’s arsenal from here on out. Here’s to a speedy recovery.