Sean Waltman Rips Apart Dixie Carter, Calls Out Bruce Prichard & Says TNA Will Become Part Of WWE's Tape Library

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Sean "X-Pac" Waltman has taken to Twitter to rip apart Dixie Carter.

In his Tweets, Waltman tells Carter he's disappointed in her, congratulates her for hiring "one of the biggest lowlifes in the business" in Bruce Prichard and vows that TNA will become part of the WWE tape library before the end of the decade.

The following is from Waltman's official Twitter account:

  • The Nightmare

    All of this from a guy whose biggest claim to fame up to date is banging Chyna!

    • Tigre

      Yeah? And what do you do after stating your opinion over the net ? Atleast PAC got tv time just for doing it , all you have ever done is sit in front of tv screens and keyboards ? Dont hate if you can’t relate (just my opinion)

  • LeftyTosser

    Why would anyone care what a junkie thinks? Richard, I am surprised that you even put this on your site after your comments about trying to take the high road in other cases (like the Cena divorce).

  • Road Dogg & Josh Mathews will have a job for life if WWE have TNA in it's video catalog

    • H.M.


  • ldb

    its true. TNA has no hope as long as hogan and dixie run the business. they had a strong following on the knock outs and threw it away.

  • Steve l

    When people with questionable motives and reputations likevWaltman and Stiener bash TNA it makes me more hopeful for their future.

  • Ian P.

    Is there anything in that library worth watching? Maybe the early days when it was more like NWA / ROH, but now? Eh…

    • Blazeking

      NWA-TNA was the best. They did great for a while after they branched out from NWA but then it took a hard turn. The "Total Nonstop Action" stooped in the weekly show and eventually turned into total nonstop commercials with poor cue timing that messes up the flow of the show. The editing can be horrible at times.

  • YOu think you kow me

    I agree with Idb^ TNA was so badass before hasbeen hogan showed up so sick of hogan

  • Dave Barton

    What did Bruce Prichard do that was so awful??

  • stoney

    get rid of the has been jerks and prima donna crybabies that are destroying TNA

  • Alex

    While I think that Dixie is a terrible businesswoman I still respect her a lot more than I do Xpac, so screw him. The only reason he's even still relevant is cause his best buddy married the boss' daughter.

  • Kevin

    I've got a question for X-Pac: What was it like to have "sloppy seconds" behind HHH? X-Pac is just jealous because his career is washed up. He had a minor role in DX, always playing second fiddle to HHH and Shawn Michaels, and it's been eating at him all these years. He thought he could go into TNA and become the star he never was in WWE, the front man for a new DX group. When it didn't work out, he started blaming everyone else. You wanna know who's to blame for your career being in the toilet? Look in a mirror.