Sean Waltman Says He Hasn't Been Contacted For 1000th Raw

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Sean Waltman wrote the following on Twitter:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.

  • Rkoturner17

    Why should we care?! Xpac sucks!

    • John

      X-Pac was part of the best version of DX, along with The New Age Outlaws, Hunter, and even Chyna. Their declaration of war with WCW was EPIC!

    • smithmiester

      U suck

  • Jonom83

    Lol, that’s the sort of comment that makes my monthly subscription worth paying, most valuable input there sir/madam.

    I really enjoyed the xpac persona, and without his ‘issues’ Sean WaltMan could have still been going at a top lvl,

  • ZackPack

    Who cares?

  • Richard Gray

    I'm not trying to be rude but I always get a kick out of comments under a post that say "who cares." It's the ultimate paradox. You cared enough to not only click the article, which you can read a preview of on the main page, but comment as well.

    • UltimateOmegaWWEFan

      Well put Richard

  • Crysknife

    Can you spell BURNT!

  • ol skewl fan

    I don't think there has ever been a time when HBK has been with DX version 2 , it would be great to see Trips,HBK, The Outlaws and X pac all together one time.

  • evangrove

    I can’t say I’m too upset. Lol. He was okay back in the day but now he just sucks.

  • Locus

    Honstly xpac sucks asss!!! Lol no wonder he has not been contacted. He ruins every company he goes to. He ruind WCW! When wcw didnt want him the man goes running ti lick vinces ass!! When vince kicked his ass out than he ran to TNA now When TNA doesnt want him he ran back to WWE. Now when his not wanted any where he mind as wel join ROH Seeing how they suck bad hahahaha

  • Crossbonez

    He didn’t suck that bad in the ring, but his attitude sucks bad, just like his girlfriend Kevin Nash. I hope he isn’t on the 1000th RAW. Honestly, he probably wasn’t invited because no one wants him to accidentally bleed on them. Maybe him and Nash can have another toga party and charge people outrageous covers to watch them get tore up, rub baby oil on each other and wish they were relevant again. Damn Bone Smugglers!

  • Richter

    I would love to see Waltman back. I met him about a year ago at a local bar after he made an appearance at a small show. We ended up smoking a couple bowls together out in my car and talking about NWO, his time in TNA, and what he thought of the current WWE product. It was honestly one of the coolest nights ever, he was a really nice, down to earth guy. WWE – BRING BACK PAC!!!!

  • Kevin

    XPac rocks! Sean Waltman, however, is another story. Much like Scott Hall, his personal life went to hell in a hurry. But I don't think DX will be complete if they don't bring back the entire crew. They've got HHH and Shawn Michaels, and Road Dogg works backstage. Getting XPac, Chyna, and Bad Ass Billy Gunn shouldn't be that big a problem. Even if all they do is a 5 minute skit or something, it would be cool to see them all together again.