Sean Waltman Has Words For Dixie Carter on Twitter

Sean Waltman also know as Xpac had a few choice words for Dixie Carter and the 6 sided ring on Twitter. Waltman states that the 6 sided ring is more dangerous, harder to climb, and harder to keep balance on the top rope.  He also told Dixie she should get off of TV. Below are his tweets




  • 1molly23

    Dixie listens with a deaf ear. Remember – she knows it all!

  • Lefty Tosser

    Why would anyone care what Waltman thinks? It’s funny how none of the folks that have been in a 6 sided ring are complaining about it.

    • jdl

      Of course not. TNA is cutting people left, right and center, low balling contract offers or not renewing them. They don’t want to risk their jobs.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Actually they are – check out the twitter accounts of EC3 and Austin Aries

      • Lefty Tosser

        Bob, EC3 has never worked a 6 sided ring. Aries did so few shows in the 6 sided ring that his opinion does not carry the weight of guys that spent a lot of time there. For the fans, the 6 sided ring is a huge plus. It does impact TNA traveling because it is not a standard ring that can be rented in any city.
        I haven’t heard anything from the originals, whether they are with the company now or not. None of them has said a word in the negative.

        • As I said above, you’re way off the mark on this one. While I love how certain people work a six sided ring, wrestlers said for years that they’re dangerous. Aries, Daniels and Waltman all worked the six sided ring, and so they really know what they’re talking about. Saying that someone has only worked a six sided ring a couple times, so they don’t know what they’re talking about is silly, as you’ve never worked either and you’re trying to say that it’s not more dangerous.

          • jason witten 82

            everything you and bobby din have said is spot on. i myself hate the six sided ring and im probably in the minority, but i think everyone can agree that the style of the ring should be the companies last priority, and if the workers are against it, its just another bullet in tnas foot which is really sad

        • Bob’s Diner

          Perhaps you should look into that then, because as recently as his appearance on Talk is Jericho, AJ Styles said that the 6-sided ring was infinitely worse to wrestle in – bumps were much harder on his body and he realises now that getting rid of it helped people like him continue to be able to wrestle.

          Fans have to stop being selfish. TNA don’t care about the well-being of their talent – this is proven by the number of wrestlers that are speaking out against the re-introduction of the 6-sided ring.

          And Waltman is right – how about focus on making a better show instead of the shape of the ring? They could have a ring shaped like a xmas tree and their show would still be awful

          • I rarely agree with you, but I’m right with you on this one, especially that they need to focus on making the shows that much better, because they’ve been sucking in a huge way.

          • Bob’s Diner

            That to me should be a priority – there are so many other problems with their show that changing the ring shape means nothing. Though given the current reactions from their wrestlers, returning to the 6-sided ring will most likely bring about a drop in backstage morale. And that’s probably the last thing they need right now.

            Don’t get me wrong, I loved the 6-sided ring. But hearing from the wrestlers themselves has certainly changed my mind about its place in professional wrestling.

          • I too was a fan of the 6 sided ring, until the wrestlers came out with how bad it was. Though I have to admit that I’m shocked they didn’t say anything when the change occurred. It seemed as though it was all Hogan’s plan to change the ring, and so many other things, and the wrestlers just went along with it. If they had stepped up then and said something, I don’t think the fans would have given the ring another thought.

    • Daniels and Aries worked the six sided ring for years, they know what they’re talking about. Actually, Waltman has worked the six sided ring too. Sorry, but you don’t know what you’re talking about on this one.

  • Bob’s Diner

    I actually agree with Waltman here. Austin Aries has also been VERY vocal about the 6-sided ring on twitter. It amazes me TNA want the opinion of the fans on this, yet don’t care about the opinion of the fans when it comes to anything else

  • K!NG

    maybe tna should care about what its own wrestlers think instead of doing a poll or how about saying there is better things to do then worry bout how many sides the ring has cause they should do something to get a ratings spike.