Sean "X-Pac" Waltman Becoming More Involved With WWE; Why He Hasn't Been Given A Full-Time Position But Remains In Good Standing With The Office

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I'm told Sean "X-Pac" Waltman has been getting more involved with WWE lately. One observer tells me it's mainly Hunter throwing his buddy a bone to help him out.

While it's believed Waltman has been seeking some type of job in WWE's developmental system, I'm told the company has been reluctant to offer him a full-time position. Sean is a guy that's well-liked and respected and has been rewarded with temporary work such as heading up WWE-affiliated training sessions. He recently filmed material for the upcoming WWE Network. However, Waltman's downside has been dependability as I was told there was a specific incident where he failed to show up for a prior commitment with the company.

Furthermore, there is a certain image associated with Waltman's behavior/personality that worries some that hiring him could result in negative publicity. One person with knowledge of the office's thinking told me there are some higher-ups that think employing him might not end well. This has been why Waltman has been kept around but at a distance where there is no formal affiliation. Triple H wants to help out his friend but the company wants to be protected at the same time.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    well as they say "never judge a book by the cover" Yrs ago when Waltman started his Wrestling career in GWF ( along with Booker T.) who would have thought the skinny fresh faced kid would grow up to have troubled past.

    He was talented back then I remember watching him in GWF on Espn and at the time I wouldn't have thought he would one day end up in WWE or WCW and be part of two of the Best Groups of the 90's NWO and DX..

    no one never knows which new wrestler would go on to have a successfull career. Back then I thought at most Waltman would have a good career in the indys but that was it.

    • outkazt09

      Not trying to diss you in any way Patrick, you contribute a lot on this site, ALOT. Where do you find the time bro?

  • Babydoc0617

    If they can give the road Dogg a chance then why not take a chance on waltman?he can be a very valuable resource for the young talent trying to get over even though they are Vince McMahon approved huge. Like Evan borne, sin cara, huncio, Justin Gabriel. These guys dont have huge muscles and usually are ignored by Vince who likes the guys like Batista. Waltman got over and his size didn’t prevent him from being successful. He may have had issues but he can be a valueable asset.

    • GODSENT83

      Road dogg’s issues were nowhere near as bad as sean though, though he did trash the company after leaving but sure he are his humble pie and luvd it