Season's Greetings From WWE

WWE posted a Season's Greetings video they filmed at TVs a couple weeks ago on their official YouTube channel. You can watch it embedded below:

  • Jake "Cp" Frato

    Best part? Has to be Khali dancing through out the whole thing.

  • kbunyon

    I normally don't post things other than blogs here, but as soon as I saw that this video existed, I was rushing over to post it here. Of course Richard beat me to it, but that's why he's the man!

    I've only seen this once straight through, but I have to watch again. This was a hysterical surprise, and I'm very impressed how they put themselves out there both in character, and so silly.

    Was it just me, or was Swagger in there too?


  • Robert Rice

    I seen Swagger too, unless I'm seeing things too.

  • Ellen

    That was GREAT!

  • William Shatner

    Da fuq did I just watch?

    Once again at the end Cena comes out on top with the whole Christmas tree thing. No surprise there.
    There's absolutely no way that Christmas tree shouldn't have lit up for Punk when he pushed that button. More than likely there was a WWE stooge behind the tree pulling the wires out.
    Then Cena comes along, blindsides Punk with a total cheap shot, but that's fine for Cena, right? Then the WWE stooge plugs the lights back in just in time for Cena to look the hero when we all saw that CM Punk was the first one to try and give us Christmas tree lights.
    I know it's jsut a cartoon but it's a perfect example of the respect CM Punk isn't getting from the WWE. Heck, the only reason I recognised him as being Punk was the straight edge crosses on his wrist tape.
    Well Cena's lights sucked, I couldn't see them, but I know if Punk had have switched them on they'd have been the Best In The World, just like Punk.

    • William Shatner

      Two thumbs down at time of posting. Clearly two people missed the sarcasm in that comment.

      • Tom

        just a Christmas greeting, it should be good,
        I just don't understand why want make it thumd down ??
        Some people here just like to add himself as a genius but actually is just another stupid guy ..!

    • Tom

      I think you are suck ! Just a Christmas greeting, any bid deal from there ???
      Stupid !!

    • David

      Clearly CM Punk couldn't light the Christmas Tree because he's an Atheist.


    Say what you want about WWE or anyone in the WWE but this is well done in my opinion. We should all remember whats important in this short life of ours. At the end of the day these men and when are exceptional human beings who are making their living trying to the best of their abilities to entertain us as fans. We may not always agree with storylines or who's pushed and who's not but when its all said and done I think that the WWE tries to cater to the majority of the fans. Otherwise they would not be the successful global company that they've become. I may not always like the direction of things in the WWE but I do respect the workers in and out of the ring who work week after week to entertain us.


      I was just stunned, yea i can agree with you, Wwe Fan, on the other hand…i found it a bit childish …my xMas wish would be clear and simple; Just STOP the PG era.

  • Luan Rodrigues

    Yes! Swagger is still there, and I noticed Brad Maddox is in there as well in wrestling gear!