Second Ladder Match Announced For Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View

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Seth Rollins appeared on WWE Main Event on the WWE Network and announced that there will be a Money in the Bank Ladder match at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Seth Rollins also announced that he is the first participant in the match.

As we reported, WWE pondered on the idea of having another Ladder match at the pay-per-view when Daniel Bryan's neck injury was worse than initially thought. As we can see, WWE went ahead with the idea to make this match to showcase the undercard.

  • Stephen Cash

    Rollins, Ambrose, RVD, Barrett, Rusev, Big E, Swagger.

    • Simon Veitch

      No ziggler? I’d put him in over Russev

      • Paul Jameson

        sadly Rusev will be in it due to lack of use outside of the matches…but to not have Ziggler in it would be a travesty.

        • Simon Veitch

          What about ziggler instead of Swagger, and he Swagger can take Adam rose

          • Paul Jameson

            oh i want Swagger and Rose far away from any MitB match. SO sure, throw those two to the mid/low card for now. But again, I think many of the universe want to see Ziggler in the match.

          • Simon Veitch

            Yeah without a doubt. I think rose has potential but just needs a real feud and more ring time

          • Douglas Smith

            LOL,,,,, I like that. Swagger and Adam match….. @
            2 suckers in 1 ring

      • Stephen Cash

        I am a huge Ziggler fan. I would switch him with swagger!!! Rusev is really growing on me too, but he needs a better finisher

  • BrooksOglesby

    Ecstatic about this. This match is already going to be the main event for me as a fan. While I don’t expect the WWE WHC to be bad (gimmick matches can hide in-ring weaknesses, and honestly, the workers in the match aren’t bad, most of them just bore me in the title picture), it’s highly likely that I won’t be thrilled with the result. Bray and Cesaro have virtually no chance (and I don’t particularly want to see either of them hold the belt right now, although down the line I’d love to see it), and Reigns will get a big hope spot but get screwed out of a win, which leaves Cena, Orton, Sheamus, and Del Rio, who may be the four people in WWE I am least interested in seeing holding a title. When any of those four hold a title, their characters are at their worst.

    That being said, WWE’s talent pool is at what could be an all-time high, and I’m so happy to hear that there will be a spotlight opportunity for multiple people who could use it. It’s 99.9% not going to happen, even if he gets in the match, but the mark in me is throwing my hat in for Ziggler. There’s a lot of interesting people they could put in this match. I’d like to see how Sandow’s character would react to another chance at the briefcase that ultimately derailed his career, and I’d like to see a big opportunity for this new Stardust fellow. Even a wildcard like Rusev might be fun for some big spots. Imagine Bo Dallas getting the briefcase! Imagine the heat! There’s a lot of fun to be had with their current talent pool.

    Overall, I’d just like to see some renewed investment in whoever wins the briefcase. Only having one briefcase is a good start, but I’d really like to see WWE give the holder momentum instead of having them constantly lose with the notion that the briefcase keeps them viable (it doesn’t). It’s probably my favorite gimmick in WWE and I hope it doesn’t get further devalued.

    • Paul Jameson

      as long as they let the briefcase winner go back to winning the title at a more consistent basis. We’ve had 2 losses now, we need no more for a while.

  • Paul Jameson

    Rollins and Ambrose are definite. I imagine a Kane installation to back up Rollins’s new authority link. If they are using the same number of 7 as in the other ladder match, to round it out I’m imagining we’ll see Rusev, Bo Dallas, Barrett and hopefully Ziggler….w/Flair.

  • Splat

    Seth Rollins wins MITB then Roman Reigns wins the WHC and then Seth Rollins cashes in on Roman Reigns… Never going to happen but would be pretty awesome in my book. Cena or Orton winning would be soooo boring.

  • John

    Why on earth are they not doing Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose? That will be match of the year calibre! I shall hope for SummerSlam now.

    • Josh G

      That would be too good of a match for a B PPV. I’m sure its being saved for SS.

  • Alex

    I’m expecting the inclusion of Brock Lesnar in this 2nd MITB match, and cashing it in on the winner of the World heavyweight title ladder match winner later on in the night. Pitting a Main event match between Brock and Daniel Bryan for the title at SummerSlam.

    • Simon Veitch

      I like the idea, but doubt WWE would want to use an un-advertised appearance by Brock on a B level show since he only has so many dates. Otherwise though I love the idea

  • Daddymack

    Rollins, ambrose, Ziggler, Sandow, bo Dallas and Barrett… The future of the wwe… This will be better than the main even ladder match… Make it happen vince.

    • Stephen Cash

      Bo Dallas is BOring

      • Gio

        Yes, it is BO’s ring

  • Trapdoor

    Orton gets the belt*, Rollins gets the case = Let the Evo collapse begin. (& as they’ve had Reigns calling out Orton, they could have Reigns beat him for title at later date, then have Rollins screw Reigns over.)

    *Would still like to see Brock come in, destroy everyone & get the title in title match, though.

    • Trapdoor

      *After bit of thought* Last 3 or 4 people left in Title match, when suddenly, “No Chance” Vince McMahon returns(!) “7 always seemed a bit.. odd to me, especially as, if this is the best of the best, there’s 1 man missing from that ring. So, as I hereby announce an 8th entrant in to this match.. Unfortunately, the man I was talking about is not here.. So here’s the man that beat him: At WrestleMania” *Brocks Music hits*.

  • Stephen Cash

    The more I think about it the more I see Ambrose being left out of this match, only to screw Rollins… I would rather they both be in and Rollins win.

  • Josh G

    If only WWE didn’t feel the need to advertise Brock Lesnar.
    They should say he’s other for a promo and have him enter the match or something. He is needed. And I wanna see him live when I’m at MITB lol

  • the illest

    seth rollings vs dean ambrose vs wade barrett vs rvd vs kane vs bo dallas vs rusev