See The Funkadactyls Come To Blows On "Total Divas", Who Should Be The Face Of WWE?

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- Footage of what led to Naomi and Cameron's physical altercation on Total Divas has surfaced online. Tune into tomorrow night's episode on E! to see the aftermath.

- WWE has issued a poll on its website asking visitors who should be the face of the company. John Cena currently leads the poll with 32% of over 13,000 votes cast. He is trailed by CM Punk (22%), Daniel Bryan (21%), WWE Champion Randy Orton (18%), Triple H (4%), Mr. McMahon (2%), and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio (1%).

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  • ZGood

    Ha that’s Racer’s Edge in North Hollywood! Been there a few times.

  • Guy Landau

    Here are the updated poll results as of right now:

    34%Daniel Bryan

    23%John Cena

    22%CM Punk

    14%WWE Champion Randy Orton

    4%Triple H

    2%Mr. McMahon

    1%World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio

    • 31Forever

      I gotta say: as it comes to innovation, crowd heat, and ring work, I gotta give it to Daniel Bryan as well.

      The match with Cena was just incredible. I think Bryan not only brings another gear to other wrestler’s performance in matches, but he really raises the level himself, especially in PPVs.

      I do like Cena, but I have often felt as though his performances in the ring were rote. The match with The Rock really illustrated that better than anything else could, and it kind made me feel sad. I remember watching The Rock in his high energy, high performance years; and the match I saw with Cena really showed that he isn’t the same performer in-ring (and let me reiterate that, as his promos still rank at or near the top consistently) that he was ten years ago, in his prime.

      Cena for legend status, Daniel Bryan as the new face of the WWE.