Seeking Photos & Reports From TNA Shows, Christian York Released?

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- TNA is running a live event Wednesday in Glasgow, Scotland. Click here for show information. We are seeking live reports and photos to post on our new Instagram account as you can submit things to us at [email protected].

- Christian York's profile has been removed from, possibly signifying he has been released. We noted earlier the company has removed the profile of Kid Kash.

  • KingKongBrody

    I saw him (well what he called wrestle) against kid Kash on tv like 2 weeks ago omg he was horrible stumbling around the ring. Idk if he was having a bad night but if Kash can’t make u look good time to find a
    new line of work

  • barryanoland

    I just checked in as of 3:35 CT and had access to Christian York’s profile. I guess it could be showing from my browser cache (no pun intended). But Kid Kash’s profile is still gone.

  • LBP365

    Look and could be wrong, but TNA allow wrestlers to leave to mexico and japan with a promise to come back once they finish maybe, maybe not If anything the dump salary and having a Great england shows as last year can get them to pull in a new name for Jeff or create that American title. Yes I’m still on it cause it make too much sense with the American Gold Medalist Kurt Angle The Tenn…. no scratch that The American Cowboy James Storm. THINK TNA THINK!!!!!!