Seeking Questions For AJ Styles Interview - Post Them Here

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Elto Alexandrov is scheduled to interview AJ Styles next Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at 2 PM EST. Elto wants to give Wrestling News World readers the opportunity to submit questions. If you have one that you would like "The Phenomenal One" to answer, include it in the comment area below. Elto will pull from this thread when selecting questions for Styles.

  • TheSuperRedneck

    What are the biggest things that have helped him with his mic work?

  • Michael Grooms

    You were one of Jeff Jarrett’s first signings when he created TNA. If Jeff’s new endeavor is a new wrestling promotion, will history repeat itself?

  • Alexander

    If you were to ever sign with WWE, even though rumors around the Internet state that they are “Not interested”, who would you like to compete against? Aside from obviously choices like Daniel Bryan or CM Punk whom you’ve competed against both in ROH.

  • Hannah Hicks

    Do you have any real life heat between yourself and CM Punk?

  • Paul

    If you ever were to ever wrestle in WWE, what wrestler would you consider to be your DREAM match!?

  • debra

    when is aj going to resign with tna.

  • Jimmy Donuts

    If that was your real send off on Jan 9th wasn’t that a terrible farewell for all you did for TNA?

  • Wilkendew

    Do you ever hope/want to return to TNA? if so when do you think it would happen? I miss the Phenomenal one 🙁

  • Bob’s Diner

    Given your strong christian beliefs, why is it you have supported a company like TNA for so many years, yet have never had any involvement with promotions that offer more family-friendly programming, like Chikara, or even WWE since they went to PG?

  • JJ

    What wrestlers did he look up to or any wrestlers he used for inspiration for specific moves?

  • richard

    What was it like facing sting in the ring in tna and when you were first in ring of honor did u have a chance to work with cm punk

  • Phil.J.Robinson

    If you had the choice, and the wages were similar, would you rejoin TNA, or go to the WWE?

  • I’d like to know if he considers himself a future Hall of Famer and what one should do to deserve said status.

  • Karl Zagdan

    If you could pick your dream match with any wrestler from any organisation i.e. WWE (or old WWF), WCW, ECW, TNA (who you haven’t faced), IWGP or any other independent based organisation from any era in time who would you wrestle any why?