Seeking Questions For Kurt Angle Interview

It is an honor and privilege to announce that I will be interviewing the Olympic gold medalist, multi-time champion, one of the best in the world, and TNA star......Kurt Angle!

I will be sitting down and interviewing Kurt Angle Tuesday on behalf of WrestlingNewsWorld!

Kurt Angle had many interviews in his career; therefore, there is a lot of information that he told the world, but there are also a lot of things that he never discussed. With that being said, I want this interview to be different from his others. I want him to discuss topics that he never really talked about. That is where YOU come in!

I am asking the great WNW readers to send their questions in for Mr. Angle to answer. These questions can be from any part of his career or they can be about other wrestling topics. Be creative! I only ask that the questions are appropriate and respectful. To send in your question(s), just comment down below on this article.

I couldn't do this without WNW and all of you! I want to thank Richard and I can't wait to read what everyone has to say! This is why WrestlingNewsWorld is far beyond any other wrestling website!

  • Chris Johnson

    What is the most memorable moment you have witnessed live in sports entertainment as a child?

  • vfrezz

    Ask him if he could pick one wrestler from past present or future who would it be.

  • Hitman310

    When you first broke in to the wrestling, did you ever think your carrer would be this long and successfull?

    • Tony P.

      Dude, write this over.

  • Ellen

    Wow! That is sweet. Don't know what to ask, but enjoy the time you get to spend with him.

    • Alex Barie

      Thanks, Ellen!!

  • mjledesma

    If there was one person who he would have a match with he never had one before with, who would it be? My bet says Gerry Brisco

  • Mr.Love

    What was his fav match in wwe and tna? Also, if you could wrestle anyone that you haven’t in your career whom would it be? Wether it’s present, future or the past?

  • Andrew

    Since you have been for a long time with both TNA & WWE, which opponent in each company has given you the greatest wrestling challenge?

    IE: AJ Styles, Chris Benoit, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar etc

  • CptCrunchy

    Was there any specific wrestlers of the past that inspired your style and any that inspired your style to evolve over the years?

  • Mike merante

    Ask him if he really beat Brock lesnar in a freestyle match or a folkstyle match years ago,,back in the wwe days it was reported that they wrestled before an event but never confirmed,,it would be really cool to find out

  • Mr.Love

    What were your thoughts on the 6 man hell in the cell match that you had in wwe and you retained? Was it hard to work with 4 of the greatest wrestlers in that type of match?

  • Logan_Walker

    Would You ever consider going back to The WWE if they offered you a job or stay at TNA

  • Mike merante

    Ask him if he really beat Brock lesnar in a freestyle match or a folkstyle match years ago,,back in the wwe days it was reported that they wrestled before an event but never confirmed,,it would be really cool to find out

  • kbunyon

    Alex, this is very cool, and I'm terribly jealous!

    How did you feel about your children being used in the storyline with Jeff and Karen? Did you have any misgivings about your children appearing on TV?


    • smithmiester

      He’s answers that before

    • smithmiester

      Why does he call himself professional wrestlings only Olympic gold medalist when mark Henry is also an Olympic gold medalist

      • The arbiter

        Mark Henry was never an Olympic medalist. He competed twice in 92 and 96 but didn't win. He won gold at the Pan Am games.

        • Tony P.

          He won silver at the Pan-Am games.

  • justin_schroeder

    Man! I wish Undertaker would do an interview with you guys. I would love to be able to pick his brain and hear what he would have to say.

  • Strikeforce

    You, are one of the top three "superstars" of all time, in my opinion, when you look back on your career, how much regret will you have that you didn't spend more of your time and effort in wwe where people would have actually seen and appreciated your career evolve?

  • Ken

    How about asking him why he keeps making stupid comments on social media while intoxicated and then claiming his account was hacked to try and save face. Politely, of course.

  • Miles

    ” thank you ”

  • Matt

    Ask what direction he hopes TNA wrestling goes in the future and if he has ever though of opening his own wrestling school

  • Jake

    What was the backstage atmosphere in TNA like when Chris Benoit passed away and after the details of the death emerged

  • Mike B

    Which does he consider a bigger personal success? His work as an amateur/Olympic wrestler, or his time as a professional wrestler?

  • CrankyVince

    Will you be in WWE 13?

  • Ratedking

    Would Kurt Angle had returned to the WWE now if he did not go to TNA?

    What has been the best or successful or most enjoyable run for him, WWE or TNA?

    Most favourite Wrestlemania match (not involving him) and the best Wrestlemania match for Kurt Angle? Plus the best/favourite match he had of all time and best/favourite match he had see?

    Would he had been in WWE had he not won a gold medal e.g. instead won a silver/bronze medal or no medal?

  • ImAwesome420

    Will he return to WWE maybe looking for a contract like Lesnar with limited dates?

  • Adam W.

    I am interested in his experiences while in Japan, like what the atmosphere was like wrestling Tokyo Dome or facing Hiroshi Tanahashi for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

  • Ryder

    Ask him about would he ever consider ending his wrestling career in the WWE?

  • joshwrestler

    I would like to know if he ever considers returning for one more wrestlemania match. I think Undertaker vs Kurt Angle at wrestlemania would be one of if not the best match ever.

  • bobby_solo_

    I watched a DVD of Brett Hart saying that if he stayed in the WWE he would loved to have a submission match with you what are your thoughts on the match and would you have done it?

  • Dale

    Who do you travel with? Also, any funny ribs or funny stories from the road from wwe or tna

  • john

    Is Stephanie McMahon a good kisser?

  • dave

    Who has been your least favorite opponent in your career?

  • dave

    What opponent has given you consistently the best matches, in your opinion? Who are your favorite wrestlers to work with?

  • dave

    Who do you admire, based on their skills , among your peers currently in wrestling?

  • Dayvid11

    What company in your mind has treated you better and which do you prefer; WWE or TNA?.

  • Joshua Colon

    Ask him what does he think about being ranked 4th in the wwe countdown fantasy matches with Bret hart?

  • Michael

    Will he ever go back to wwe the landscape has changed from the time he was their with new faces which means new competition and fueding

  • @Leinad15

    Why do you left WWE, when you were one the greatest superstars the business had see. Do you think you will return?

  • Ricky Valdez

    I would ask him if that was really milk he sprayed all over Vince McMahon in the ring back when he was in the wwe, lol. Kidding I would ask him who was his toughest opponent he has ever faced, my bet would be the undertaker.

  • Dale

    What is his biggest regret throughout his wrestling career, whether it is something he did or something he wish he had done

  • Mike Gilreath

    I would ask how he felt about Hogan and crew coming in TNA and changing the direction of the company, at the time they were building the brand around Angle, then Hogan was hired and he got pushed to a perminate spot in the middle, while understanding he is under contract and can not freely answer, I wish he would considering Hogan’s ring work was lousy in his best days

  • Thisguy

    Imagine if you never got a medal at the ’96 Olympics and WWE never contacted you, where would you see yourself now?

    Here’s another one…. If you would’ve made the cut for the Pittsburgh Steelers and played in the NFL, do you think you would have been as successful in football as you are in wrestling?

  • Kieran Thompson

    Whilst stood in the ring waiting for your opponent to come to the ring, who’s entrance is more intimidating; Sting or Undertaker?

  • Richard K Williams

    Mr. Angle, you were named Wrestler of the Decade by multiple publications (Wrestling Observer, The Sun), what does this mean to you to even be considered and to realise that you have a multitude of great matches over a 10-year period and that you have made a lasting impact (no pun intended) on the fans as one of the most entertaining characters of the decade?

  • Richard K Williams

    You brought a lot of eyes back to amateur wrestling. What is your opinion of the level of promotion that competitive amateur wrestling recieves worldwide?

  • Richard K Williams

    Had Kurt Angle made the US Olympic team, how far would/did you anticipate going?

  • Richard K Williams

    You've recently ceased filming a movie with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, what was this like?

  • Richard K Williams

    How difficult was it to make the transition from amateur/freestyle wrestling to professional wrestling in the late 90's in terms of fitness, work ethic, skills involved etc and attempting the reverse transition (professional wrestling to amateur wrestling) in 2012?

  • Richard K Williams

    The 2012 Olympics haven't worked out for you, is there a desire and determination to try for 2016 or does Kurt Angle "wait and see"?

  • Richard K williams

    DDP Yoga is something which a few of "the boys" have caught on to with positive reviews. Would you or have you shopped Angle Foods to the boys and if so, which are using the nutrition advice and guidlines?

  • Locus

    Do you ever think about the attitude era day’s?? And also do you miss those days?

  • Crane

    Why are you still using steroids? And don’t say you don’t use it. Everybody knows that the whole Scene does it!

  • Owen

    Who does Kurt Angle consider the future of pro wrestling? Which young wrestlers will carry the sport for ten to fifteen years?

  • bwain

    Have you ever considered make the Angle Slsm and Ankle Lock a combo finishing move? Both are devastating, but it would be awesome to see you win your next championship with an Angle Slam that rolls into a grapevined Ankle lock.

  • Michael B

    As a very competitive person, why did he choose professional wrestling, where it is a scripted environment with the outcomes predetermined as opposed to going into MMA? Granted, MMA style was in it's initial stages, but wouldn't that have been more to his eagerness to combat and win?

  • Valerie

    Can you ask him who his biggest inspiration in life is?

  • Joedell Graciani

    Mr. Angle. As said on recent interviews, you claim to be loyal to your fans, especially TNA. With many fans still in the WWE Universe, would you ever consider coming back and pushing any differences you may have to the side, just to continue your loyalties to ALL of your fans and not just TNA alone?

  • Lindsay Marie

    Uhm…my question might be a repeat, but could you ask him of he is thinking of ever returning to the WWE.

  • John Smith

    I believe Kurt Angle plays drums. Is this true and if so, what level is he at? What does he like to play?