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Separating Fact From Fiction In AJ Lee/Michelle Beadle Story, WWE In Australia, Edge On Talk Is Jericho

- The major story making rounds prior to WWE TLC is an incident between WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee and Michelle Beadle backstage at Wednesday's Tribute to the Troops taping. The entire thing was due to misinformation and miscommunication and exacerbating it is careless reporting. I posted the full details at this link but I'll give you the cliff notes if you aren't a WNW Premium Member. AJ Lee was told by a WWE producer they were filming a backstage segment for the WWE App (or on dot com) with her and Beadle. When AJ Lee went to rehearse the segment, Beadle acted like she didn't know what AJ was talking about. WWE officials were also surprised and Lee was pulled aside and berated. AJ tried to explain and was under the impression the segment had been cleared with Beadle and by production. CM Punk, who is AJ's real-life boyfriend, stepped in and was enraged, believing AJ Lee was setup. You can get all the exclusive notes at this link.

- WWE is scheduled to tour Australia in August. The following dates have been announced:

  • August 7, 2014 in Melbourne
  • August 8, 2014 in Sydney
  • August 9, 2014 in Perth

- Edge is scheduled to be a guest on Chris Jericho's "Talk is Jericho" this week. We'll relay the link when it's posted.

  • charovnica

    Miscommunication can be a bitch. Now I get Punk’s tweet.

    • willc821

      Don’t believe it, read my post and tell me if you honestly believe it

  • willc821

    I don’t believe this article. If this were true, Michelle Beadle would’ve been informed afterwards of the error and she never would’ve sent that tweet. Plus AJ and Punk are not together on-screen for them to really make a segment like that. I think this is just trying to kill off the situation

  • willc821

    I don’t believe this article. If this were true, Michelle Beadle would’ve been informed afterwards of the error and she never would’ve sent that tweet. Plus AJ and Punk are not together on-screen for them to really make a segment like that. I think this is just trying to kill off the situation

    • What are you talking about? AJ was planned to do a segment with Beadle. She went to do it and Beadle thought it was a shoot. So did everyone else. Punk got involved and arguing ensued. There was heat on AJ over it as she was trying to explain what she had been instructed.

      • willc821

        So they just forgot to inform Beadle about the big lapse in communication??? And they really were recording a segment for the app about AJ being jealous of Beadle speaking with Punk when they’re not an on-screen couple??? I understand you’re reporting what your sources have reported to you but when you put it all together, it just makes no sense. If it was all miscommunication, I’m sure the situation would’ve been cleared up with Beadle and AJ, along with WWE execs., would’ve apologized to Beadle..yet she sent out a tweet letting us all know how she felt about AJ. No disrespect Mr. Gray just calling it how I see it

        • LifeLongWWEFan

          It sounds like Beadle is the one at fault here for not knowing what AJ was talking about.

        • Venom

          Some people really don’t read things carefully or use common sense to read between the lines.

          Yes it’s possible Beadle was talking to CM Punk earlier.

          Later as its reported on this page AJ Lee was told by a producer of the segment. There were no cameras for the apps or dot com because as stated in this article it was a rehearsal so no cameras were needed.

          CM Punk had nothing to do with the situation.

          Now the only thing I find a little odd is why wouldnt AJ Lee first say “hey Michelle would u like to rehearse our segment before we shoot it?”

          • willc821

            Or how about Beadle even knowing there was even going to be a shoot??? There have been many excuses floating around online (this article) and it’s obviously all a cover-up just like WWE asking Beadle to put up tweets to defuse the situation. WWE on damage control at the moment. What’s the purpose of mentioning there not being cameras if you knew AJ had not met with Beadle beforehand? You already know there was never a segment to be recorded. And CM Punk had a lot to do with this situation, I think that should be obvious.

        • charovnica

          Noone said she talked about Punk to her…it was internet fans that jumped to that conclussion.

          • willc821

            No, that was reported by inside sources and has been confirmed by Beadle. Nice pic

          • charovnica

            What sources said was that she was talking about Punk to the reporter it was outside of this segment she was about to shoot and it was in respectable tone.
            I guess it was a bad timing that later on this chaos with the segment occured.

            But honestly…maybe its time to stop assuming stuff since there is no way we’d know what have happened there unless they decide to talk about it in an interview or something.

          • Rotnerd

            If I am standing next to them and see the fight unfold, my accounts are just as true to what they saw. Granted i may not know what led to this but I can hear what was said. There were a ton of people there that reported seeing the confrontation. I love both wrestlers but I will not sugar coat their action like some Marks are. Matter a fact they are both my favorite people to watch, so this makes me mad how immature this all looks on them.

          • bkbx3

            The fans didn’t jump to conclussions. Cm punk talked about what happen like 2 weeks ago. He said Beadle walked by saying disrespectful things and aj went up to Beadle and said hi I’m aj punks girlfriend don’t be disrespectful to my boyfriend and that was it. Punk said it got blown up he did get up set that wwe was mad at aj but once everything was figured out there was no problems. Him and Beadle are no longer friends. He talks about it in his video interview with mma on Jan 24 2014 if you want to YouTube it.

      • Rotnerd

        no lol. So you are saying a camera was following her? Beadle saw the cam and didn’t get it? Or you saying there was no Cam and when the wrestler practice backstage segments they just run into each other and start yelling? They don’t talk it out as they rehearse? PR isn’t with them? The director isn’t with them, saying what works or doesn’t?

        This report is a joke.

    • Rotnerd

      Not to mention if this was a work of some kind, they would have informed Beadle but had the two arguing via media outlets. WWE would have made something out of this to reflect the negative aspect if it was real, Aj would knowledge a feud of some sort.

  • lanegwwe1

    When did Punk and Lita split up? Have I missed something?

  • carlos will mejia

    come on, of course cm punk is not involved, he is a good worker, and buts good matches together so nobody involve him in this, and aj lee is totally innocent of everything because we the iwc love her, there for making her innocent on all counts. its all triple h trying to frame her to bury cm punk, and put cena over somehow. beadle is an outsider, just a mark so therefore what she says is as worthless as all cena supporters. long life to five star wrestling, thats where the buys are at. no more hosses! tyson kidd for whc!