Seth Rollins Claims He Urinated Under The Ring During A Match Last Week

Seth Rollins is making headlines for claiming the biggest mistake of his career was urinating under the ring in a match last week. You can watch the revelation at the 10:58 minute mark of this video or embedded in the video below:

As seen in the video, Rollins claims that before the interview that only one other person knew about it. Remember John Cena is known for once defecating on himself during a bout.

  • michael

    This was posted already.

    • I was gone last week, just getting caught up and making sure people see some stuff that went down the day for Rumble but thanks for the heads up.

  • stoney

    Next stop
    Humblesville, USA

  • Fred

    You call this news? So much for the famous Richard Gray judgement call. Good way to get noticed in all the wrong ways.

    • We try to have a little bit of fun. A harmless story, good for a weekend laugh. Try to lighten up a little.

  • King A sshole

    I don’t always piss under the ring, but when I do… I hope the Divas smell it, and realize what their match is good for.
    I’ll caption it somehow.

  • Jim Evans

    Why would anyone tell the whole world that you took a leak under a wrestling ring during a show ? How stupid can that be.

  • Evonreese

    How can he admit that and not expect it to bite him in the rear?