Seth Rollins Credits WWE Developmental For Preparing Him For Main Roster

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RedEye Chicago interviewed Seth Rollins to promote this week's episode of Monday Night Raw from this city. In addition to saying he saw himself as world champion in five years, Rollins really put over his time in developmental.

I think the couple of years in developmental was really starting to get me impatient. It's not a bad thing that you get that mindset because you want to be on the main roster and working with the top guys. I spent a lot of time on the independent scene honing my craft, so I thought I was ready from day one. But the time I spent in NXT was the best things that could happen in my career. It gave me the mindset that I could succeed at the highest level.

When it was time to get called up and The Shield was ready to make an impact, I was nervous, excited, but most importantly prepared for [it]. I think that preparation and confidence came across well in front of the WWE universe.

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  • jdl

    Can’t comment on whether or not he’ll ever make it past the Shield, but if he keeps up the intensity, the unique and impressive work rate that we’ve seen over the past few weeks, and if he keeps improving as he has on the mic since he essentially became the mouth piece for the Shield, then he stands a strong chance of being a success after the Shield inevitably breaks up.

  • K!NG

    i liken it to this some people who play really well in college football dont do aswell in the pro’s… just because you were an awesome indy wrestler doesnt mean your going to do well in WWE. which is why FCW/NXT was a good thing for any wrestler looking to get into wwe

    • f_caus

      We’re all looking at you, Tebow.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Tell that to Sin Cara, Seth

  • f_caus

    If he keeps up the intensity and his work ability as well as letting his personality out more, I could possibly see Rollins as a Jeff Hardy level face circa 2007-2009.