Seth Rollins Explains Turn, Smackdown Fallout

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Seth Rollins Promo on Smackdown

If you missed this week's episode of Smackdown (results here), the promo that Seth Rollins did to explain his defection to Evolution is online at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:

Smackdown Fallout

This week's episode of Smackdown Fallout features Lana talking about Rusev's win over Xavier Woods. Click here to watch it or check it out in the video embedded below:

  • Gary Robert

    This comment is for Mysterio, or whoever the Hell it was that said I never say anything positive: I give WWE credit for, as of yet, not going the same boring route of “I’m tired of being overlooked,” “I’m tired of carrying the other two,” or “tired of hearing about Roman” lame overdone reasons for nonsensical personal decisions and just having Rollins say nothing. This way, we’re all left to speculate. Hopefully they simply never explain it b/c the only explanations will come across as very lame b/c we all know the ones they’ll use, and I even listed them above. I like the turn itself b/c I like Rollins and look forward to seeing him finally elevated in singles, but I still dislike the poor writing aspect way it was done. The issues I have with it are this: If HHH were intent on destroying The Shield, as the Authority, he has the power to create dissension simply by being the boss. He could have ordered a Triple threat between all 3 members of The Shield (a match that would have been awesome, fyi) among other things, but that could have been a starting point. As a writer myself, one of my favorite quotes is “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” What this basically means is you can write in such a way that the reader understands the glass is broken without actually coming straight out and writing anything about broken glass. The same can be said about storytelling, which is the backbone of this industry (as well as the actual wrestling, of course). WWE did the opposite of this quote. They simply turned him as opposed to a slow build and allowing cracks to appear in the foundation. What’s worse is that by doing it this way, so fast and sudden, they cost themselves weeks of potentially dramatic story lines involving the slow crumble of The Shield (imo the 2nd best faction in history behind the 4 Horsemen). The demise of a faction THAT great should have been worth more than a rushed creative decision to “swerve people” and get a ratings pop.

    • Mysterion

      Thanks for the name check bud. And it’s nice to see all them people agreeing with you that you clearly don’t s**t on the majority of things that come out of pro wrestling like the embodiment of the negative associations with the IWC lives inside of you.

      • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

        You two need a timeout. Lol

        • Gary Robert

          I’ll stand in the corner if he wears the “dunce” cap.

      • Gary Robert

        Missed it by one “n” lol

        • Gary Robert

          And yes, I shit on things that are done poorly and I’m very critical of the writing aspect of this business (as I said, clearly it satisfies you which means you are content with mediocre which just isn’t how I personally feel when presented with mediocre), which I find to be very the most important part of any televised show. Probably b/c writing is something I do and what I went to school for. Doesn’t make me a bad guy that you don’t care for my opinions. Sometimes you’ll agree with me and sometimes you won’t and regardless of which, I most likely won’t care, as I come here to discuss points of interest with a variety of people that have a kaleidoscope of views. By the way, solid reply by you. There was an opportunity there for an actual conversation. And I’M the negative one? Kudos.