Seth Rollins Reportedly Running A High Fever

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We have learned that Seth Rollins paid a visit to his doctor this morning and learned that he was running a fever over 103.5 degrees. There are also reports of Rollins contracting pneumonia. With this news in addition to his knee problems, Wrestlemania weekend will be a very tough time for Seth to get through but we're hoping that he thinks about his health alongside the biggest event of the year.


  • kyleferretti

    Wow he cant catch a break

  • Sentinel

    He was live on UUDD yesterday and looked well enough. Not 100% healthy, but also not like he was burning up and fighting pneumonia. If he just hid it/got worse…well, damn. No luck, poor guy. Just when he was about to pick up momentum again.

  • 1molly23


  • Dave Barton

    If he gets pulled from the show for this, I’m fairly certain it will be the first time a major WM match had to be changed at the last minute for legit reasons without any televised build-up.

    I think the closest was at WM5, when Savage had a severely infected elbow (staph?) but went on to perform and lose the WWF title to Hogan anyway.

    Richard, can you recall anything?

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Knowing Rollins and others involved they won’t pull him now they’ll storyline injure him and set up Summerslam… what I’d do anyway.

  • msg

    We will know something is wrong if triple squashes him super fast in the match, attacks his injured leg and simply pedigrees him and takes the win fast.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      I have a feeling it will be a squash match putting Rollins out for months… probably setting up Summerslam

  • Robert

    He’ll probably be pumped full of IVs and all kinds of other stuff to get him through the weekend.

  • Michael Grooms

    You celebrated April Fools a day early….