Seven WWE Releases Confirmed - Every Name With More Details

WWE notified seven workers in their NXT developmental system on Friday of their releases. The list is as follows:

The only worker that I heard there was considerable shock over was Briley Pierce. Pierce, whose real name is Ryan Nemeth, is the brother of World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler even expressed his shock/disappointment on Twitter:

  • Dave L


  • Winnipeg

    Shouldn’t JTG be one of those cuts? Lmao!

  • Derrick Bateman? Wasn’t he the guy everyone was falling over themselves for because Daniel Bryan was his pro in NXT?

    • BIG M

      Yeah he was and to be honest the only reason i tuned in to nxt after season1 was the backstage segments with bryan and bateman seriously funny.

      • Their date with the Bellas?

        “MY PANTS!!!” lol

  • Sandusky

    Derrick Bateman was released for trying to parody Patrick Bateman.

    • opie

      Well played.

  • Kenneth

    Didn’t they have that ‘Mr ‘Murrica’ gimmick lined up for Bateman? Was that him?


    You know the one, completely over the top and a complete piss take of American patriotism. He had promo vids and everything. If that was him, or whoever it was, I remember looking forward to seeing that. It could have matched well with Jake Thwagger’s schtick.

    Ah well, another potentially fun opportunity lost in favour of the same old, same old…

    Quelle surprise, right?

  • Sad to hear Percy Watson getting released.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Alex Riley, Mason Ryan, Ezekiel Jackson, JTG and Jack Swagger should be one of those cuts. Or even in all of those cuts.

  • Wwe is going to be ” old school ” ..