Several Former WWE Names Booked For Upcoming Show In Manila; Violating WWE Trademarks?

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There are several former WWE names booked on the World Wrestling Fan Xperience's tour of Manila on February 2, 2012.

In addition to the already reported John Morrison (who will be working as John Hennigan), the following names are advertised:

  • Carlito, working as Carlitos
  • Chris Masters, working as Chris Master
  • Luke Gallows, working a Luke Gallow
  • MVP, Melina, Shelton Benjamin and Rhyno.

You can view video promos at this link.

While the names are obviously being changed due to WWE trademark conflicts, I'm not sure the shortening of names is legal. It seems WWE could dispute the names as "confusingly similar" to their trademarks. Furthermore, WWE still owns the rights to MVP, however, they've let him use it internationally.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Darwin for sending this in.

  • @RatedMKD

    If these changes aren't quite enough to get by the radar, they should just keep adding/removing the letter S until they're in the clear. Let's go Scarlitos!

    • Resu


  • Jeremy

    lets see Melina is her real first name so she shouldnt have a problem and Rhino owns his gimmick and Shelton Benjamin is his real name so again they can't do anything about it and they can't do anything about the others as they aren't going by their WWE names except for MVP

  • Joshua

    I find it funny that all Luke Gallows, Chris Masters, and Carlito had to do to not violate WWE trademarks on their gimmick name is to either add or take out the s.