Several Impact Wrestling Roster Changes & TNA Title Vacated

TNA Wrestling updated their roster page on their official website. In the updated roster page, Hulk Hogan and AJ Styles are no longer listed. However, Mr. Anderson has been added. Mr. Anderson made his return to Impact Wrestling this past week.

As Richard Gray noted last month, AJ Styles' contract with the company last till December of this year as he signed a short-term extension. While he is not listed on the roster page, he is still working for the company at this time.

On the other hand, Hulk Hogan is a free agent and he continues to make people talk on whether he will return to TNA or if he will go WWE.

The company also released a video of Dixie Carter announcing that she vacated the TNA World Title (seen on the roster page). The video is below:

Alex's Assumptions:

I would suggest everyone to not look too much into the "Hulk Hogan being removed" event. We have seen Hulk's name disappear from the Bound for Glory advertisements and we even heard TNA telling a fan at Bound for Glory to remove his Hulk Hogan merchandise in exchange for TNA gear. As all of these events take place, Hulk Hogan will continue to tease us about his future. The only way to believe where he goes is either an official announcement or when he actually shows up on one of the company's shows.

  • opie

    So wait…let me make sure I got this right. Dixie vacated the title, but AJ is going to defend the title in Japan?
    Makes sense.

    • debra

      Dixie is just a moron plain and simple. I hope the company is sold so we don’t have to see her on t.v.

  • BGM

    What would establish AJ’s reign I believe is to have him defend the TNA title at Japans or rather NJPW’s biggest event Wrestle Kingdom but do to his contract ending in December, it’s hard to say just where or who’ll be TNA champion by that time and if there is any talk at all of anyone going over there at all.

    Regardless of who’s TNA champion by the time the show actually happens, it still would be nice to have about maybe a handful of wrestlers to go over and represent the company to help rebuild their relationship with NJPW.

  • thepowerserge

    I don’t suppose Ditzy will have the “brilliant” idea of holding a tournament to crown a new TNA champion, only for A.J. to show up and claim his legitimacy with the real title. If recent history is any indicator, I’d say the new “TNA Champion” will either be Bubba Ray, Mr. Anderson or Jeff Hardy. How original…

    • luc

      the only thing that worries me about this “tournament” (aside from the fact that they just had a bound for glory series tournament) is that they’ll put the belt back on james storm or jeff hardy. i think austin aries would make a great choice. and i’m pretty sure this is some angle for aj to make yet another return because i doubt he’s done with the company.