Sgt. Slaughter & Layla Attend Miami Heat Game To Promote Upcoming WWE Events; Draw Little To No Reaction

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Wrestling News World reader Quexzea sent in the following:

Sgt. Slaughter and Layla where at the Miami Heat vs New York Knicks NBA game last night to promote Wrestlemania XXVIII, Raw Supershow (4/2/12) and the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony. Slaughter put one of the Heat's promotion team member's in a "Cobra Clutch" as Michael Baiamonte, the Heat's master of ceremonies, twice referred to Sgt. Slaughter's signature "Cobra Clutch as the "Camel Clutch".

Layla and the Sgt. received little to no pop at all when they prompted the crowd to attend Wrestlemania or either of the WWE events to be held at American Airlines Arena. It's safe to say the plug went over like a "Led Zeppelin". It was painful to watch.

  • Mike

    Well the Sarge did use the Camel Clutch as well during his time as an Iraqi sympathiser, so I can excuse the mistake, but the rest… sounds brutal.
    I can understand Layla being there since she was a Miami Heat cheerleader or something, but……………..
    Sgt. Slaughter?
    Was everyone else off sick or something? I think even John "The Executive Vice-whatever he is of Talented Relationships" Laryngitis would have drawn more reaction. I have a lot of respect for the Sarge, but he's not exactly relevant nowadays.

  • Robert Wood

    *cues price is right fail music*

  • JFetch

    Neither of them have been on tv lately, so why would they get a reaction?

  • Burton

    Funniest part is she used to dance for the Heat. And yet they didn't care.

  • Bmac4395

    Well most basketball fans aren’t wrestling fans

  • Bobby

    At least they weren't booed out of the building.

  • QTR

    It’s spelled Lead Zeppelin. Unless they went over like a 60’s/70’s British rock band, in which case they were very popular and successful.

    • quexzea

      HAHAHAHAH! Yeah you're right. Very sorry ;-P

  • Bubba J

    Not surprised. Basketball fans don't really crossover to combat sports like MMA/Boxing/Wrestling. I bet if Dana White came out to promote a UFC Event he would have garnered the same type of silence.

  • thatguy

    Well being that i went to living in chicago to South Florida. I can say from going to shows over the years. Florida is a horrible area when it comes to crowds. from an entire arena at a live show you get one good section the rest is dead silent. The only decent crowd was Royal Rumble i believe 06 it was.

    From all the Raws/PPV the crowd ALWAYS sucks and is dead here. even the Raw with K fed. was a big pop in the beginning when he got the FU after that dead the whole night.

    So it was amazing when i was in chicago and was able to attend Money In The Bank. First time i felt home/how a crowd should be.