Shad Gaspard On BET Tonight, Candidates To Induct The Four Horsemen, The Rock Returns To Raw Supershow

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- Shad Gaspard is advertised to make an appearance on BET's "The Game" tonight at 10 PM EST.

- Blackjack Mulligan, Dusty Rhodes and Triple H are the candidates to induct the Four Horsemen into the WWE Hall of Fame according to former manager and fellow inductee J.J. Dillon. The Four Horsemen will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before Wrestlemania XXVIII on Saturday, March 31, 2012 from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is being advertised for the March 26th edition of Raw Supershow from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The show is the go-home to Wrestlemania XXVIII. To view local information, go here, select "March," "2012," scroll down and click the text on March 26th.

  • Ditzy

    Surely triple H can’t induct the 4 horsemen. He has no connection with this group in that era. Has to be Dusty for me of them 3. He has fuded with them all and him and Flair have history for over 20 years.

    • Moose666

      With HHH being such good friends with Flair, I could certainly see him inducting them. I completely agree that Dusty should be the one inducting them considering his history with them.

  • HPK

    HHH is such a camera whore…He never shys away from an opportunity to grab the glory from some other deserving talent !!!

    • Da KiDD

      Yup, he's a self-absorbed, indulgent tool. He'll do whatever he can to be the one to induct them. That's why he was never one of my favorites from the 90s-early 2000s. It's all bout Austin, Rock, HBK, Taker, and Foley

  • drhaase

    has to be Dusty. Dusty vs. The Horsemen is one of the greatest feuds in the HISTORY of professional wrestling

  • Big Time Timmy Jim

    I was actually thinking it would be Steve mungo micmichael. He seems like the best fit to induct them.

  • Alex

    It shouldn't be HHH, he has no real connection to the group when he was around. He didn't even have a connection to them when he was in WCW. It should be someone that the horseman face. I'd say Dusty since he was their biggest rival. Maybe Magnum T.A. if he could pull it off.

  • CUSH

    I like Barry Windham and all but Ole Anderson should be in this one. They need to get Tony Shivone to induct him. He did alot of there interviews. That is all.

  • bettysteve

    the rock? isn't he that wrestler who is supposed to be ..l dunno.. a wrestler?…some-one who "is back"? wrestling? seen him IN THE RING twice in the last 12 months odd?! waiting for the rock to fight is like waiting for chris jerico to SPEAK on a promo! sorry Dwayne l am OVER it, when you realy ARE ready to "come back" let us know and we can get excited all over again, yeah?!

    • MsMojoRisin

      newsflash hes a movie star too. thats what fans fail to realize, but at least he does show some compassion by talking to us satellite wise because he doesnt have to do that especially when fans bitch about him not being there

  • Joe

    The rock is a piece of shit I don’t care if they say he’s an actor so he can’t do it live please rock stop making crappy movies only 1 that was good was fast 5 and you weren’t the main character