Shane McMahon Files $50 Million Lawsuit

Shane McMahon and his wife Marissa are reportedly seeking no less than $50 million plus interest from the penthouse building where they live, the Cobblestone Lofts at 28 Laight Street, its managing agent, the Andrews Organization and other design firms and construction organizations.

The complaint is due to water leaks in their penthouse, which the McMahons claim caused the growth of “certain toxic, airborne contaminants." As a result of the contaminants, Shane, his wife Marissa and their three children have severe respiratory ailments. In addition, they claim a potential $5 million-plus loss in property value and over $130,000 in damage to furniture, appliances, clothing and artwork. The majority of their personal property has been placed in storage facilities, costing them close to $5,000 a month.

The McMahons lived in the 3,860-square-foot penthouse from 2002 to May 2012. The complaint claims their new rental apartment is approximately $15,000 a month but they will not be able to return home into the problems are remedied.

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  • WNW Fan

    Shane and the contractors in a Hell in a Cell match at Mania. LOL

    • chris

      if shane gets the 50 million dollars, he can buy tna and start a “war” with his father for the so-called “ratings” because the internet fans who still believe in wcw want to see a “war”.
      The fact is that shane still owns wwe stock and is on good terms with his dad, sister etc even though he and his mom, linda grew up and left the “circus”. eric bitchoff only had success with wcw because he was carried by ted turner and his bank book and his former cable networks

      • Bob’s Diner

        You again!
        How you doing, chris/matt/dean?
        No new name yet?