Shaq At Wrestlemania, Triple H's Future On WWE TV, Lashley Or Chyna?, WWE's Next Big Star

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What's the latest on Shaquille O'Neal at Wrestlemania? If Shaq were to wrestle would it make more sense for him to fight Mark Henry and not Big Show? Henry is already a heel. Plus, Big Show has already fought two non-wrestlers at Wrestlemania.

I have not heard any more about Shaquille O'Neal working Wrestlemania XXVIII since he revealed he was in negotiations with WWE in a media interview last month. WWE wants to do Shaq vs. Big Show because they feel they can pick up the storyline they had when Shaq guest hosted Raw back in the summer of 2009.

What's the latest on Triple H? Is his storyline with Kevin Nash over?

Triple H is still working backstage in WWE. Yes, his program with Kevin Nash concluded at WWE TLC. Hunter is currently getting healthy in hopes of working Wrestlemania. The heavily rumored match is Hunter vs. The Undertaker and while I was against it at first, I've talked myself into it.

With both Bobby Lashley and Chyna expressing interest in returning to WWE. Do you see either one coming back?

Bobby Lashley has a better chance of returning to WWE than Chyna. I don't know how much interest there is in Lashley but there is zero interest in Chyna.

Who do you see being the CM Punk or The Miz of 2012 in terms of being elevated?

Dolph Ziggler is the first mid card worker to get a major main event opportunity in 2012 by challenging for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble. Obviously Daniel Bryan is another name as the current World Heavyweight Champion but not yet established at the level of other main event level workers. Wade Barrett and Sheamus are two workers WWE seems committed to for the long term. I wrote two editorials giving four names from each brand to keep an eye on in 2012. Based on your question, you will probably be interested. Here are the links - Raw | Smackdown

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  • Patrick_Peralta

    I'm Against HHH vs Undertaker part 3. I have no interest in seeing that match. I didn't watch last years match and I'm not going to see it this year if it happens.

    As I said last year I'm sick and tired of repeat matches for Undertaker at Wrestlemania

    He faced

    1: Kane
    2: HBK

    2 times at Wrestlemania I only watched the first matches between them and Undertaker.

    1: Kane—WM 14
    2: HBK— WM 25
    3:HHH– WM 17

    all good matches nut when they had repeat matches at WM technical wrestling.
    4: Kane — WM 20
    5: HBK — WM 26
    6: HHH– WM 27.

    I did not watch at all and never saw.

    To me Wrestlemania is to special to waste on repeat matches against people he allready beat at WM. he should be faceing NEW Oppoents.

    Have Undertaker face someone like Sheamus this Year, since Cena is busy with the Rock. Then Next Year have it be Undertaker Vs Cena. That would be a good match up and most likely one of the few last good matches for Undertaker before his career ends one day when he is ready to retire.

    Undertakers Streak should never be broken and he should retire undefeated at Wrestlemania.

    • huz

      not seeing HBK vs Undertaker 2 is just silly

      • kbunyon

        I have to agree with huz. HBK vs Taker was just as beautiful and more poignant the second time around as it was HBK's last.

        While I understand where you're coming from Patrick, you're really limiting yourself by not watching these match. I know you're a huge wrestling fan and have your own personal views on how things should be done – as we all do – but I urge you to watch these rematches, specifically HBK's. It's absolutely worth the time, if you're willing to watch with an open mind.


        • Paul

          I agree, that’s very narrow minded.
          hbk vs undertaker at wm 26 and undertaker vs hhh wm 27 were both the matches of the year on their respective years for me.
          It’s not the first time wrestlers have competed twice against each other. Rock and Austin had 3!
          I am however against undertaker and hhh against each other again, seems predictable.

    • magruber

      I have to ask, what do you think about the three bouts Rock and Austin had at Wrestlemania?

      • Paul

        I would say wrestlemania 17 was the best of the 3, that was my first wrestlemania I ever watched live.
        But in general they were all great matches.

    • sean

      The repeat matches are very good HBK vs Taker 2 was incredible and you missed the final match of the greatest performer in pro wrestling history. WM 20 with Kane was worth watching just for Undertaker's return to the Deadman gimmick. WM 27 was a great match edge of the seat action the hole way through. The streak must be broken as it is the most difinitive end for the legends great career it is what the streak has become. However if their is some way he can retire without the streak breaking then I am all for it as Taker deserves to leave as he began. Victorious.

    • Me.

      The problem is, Undertaker's body is basically demanding his retirement at this point.

      His matches have not been up to the standard of his previous matches (though many other wrestlers would only dream to be able to perform at last year's Mania's level).

      The WWE is needing a "safe" choice to get Taker to 20-0, which is a nice round number he can retire at. HHH taking the spot is a very logical choice, as he would be hurt by the loss the least, as HHH is basically retired also.

  • armando

    Chyna wrestling career is done,no questions ask.I don't think WWE will ever consider her again after now she doing porn.WWE is TV PG now she XXX!

    • 5432

      waltman has done porn as well but he has a job w/ them.or at least a part-time job.

      • cristina

        Yeah but Waltman's ex boyfriend isn't Vince McMahon's son in law either

  • Andy

    No interest in Chyna? Cannot for the life of me imagine why that might be? She's led such a pure, chaste life lately. Oh… what? No, really? She did WHAT? Oh… oh right… and… that too? Wow. No she didn't… tell me she did not just do that! Ahh… okay then, understood now. They'll not touch her with a twenty foot pole, let alone a ten foot one.
    Course, in the heinght of the attitude era it'd have propelled her to the top!

  • Jaryd

    However heinous and revolting Chyna in porn is, there's plenty of better reasons not to go near her. Let's not even go into her personal life, just the fact she has absolutely no talent or charisma for the wrestling business is reason enough.

    • 5432

      that didnt stop cena…or mason ryan…or j.mahal..or…the list goes on.. so lack of charisma is not the answer.

      • christianrocker90

        Stale character ≠ no charisma

  • Bizzle12

    If HHH VS TAKER happens again I’m putting my $800 wrestlemania tickets on eBay!!!

    • Matt Scott

      To be fair, thats quite a childish response.

    • cristina

      Feel free to send them suckers to me!! Along with airfare, hotel accomodations, and food vouchers. I have never attended a live Wrestlemania, and would be grateful

    • sean atkins

      wat, so your giving up to see the rock vs. cena, shaq vs. big show, and the possibility of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk wrestle in the main event just because of one repeat match,which i might add will probaly be the last match of two of the greatest wrestlers of all time. take a chill.

  • zak

    Chyna vs Kharma would be interesting

    • just a fan

      to say the least

    • Chris

      Beth Phoenix vs. Chyna???

    • cristina

      I don't think Kharma would lower her standards. Besides do you want to give Kharma VD or something?

  • @RatedMKD

    It would make more sense to put Shaq against Henry since he's a heel, but we're a few months away from WrestleMania. But that said, Big Show could always turn between now and then, especially with his storyline with Daniel Bryan ongoing. It may have happened already by now, I haven't read SmackDown spoilers so I'm not as up-to-date on the current events as I could be. As for the argument that he's already faced two non-wrestlers at WrestleMania, I'd take that as a pro rather than a con. Aside from having more charisma than Henry to pull it off, there may still be residual mainstream recognition from the Floyd Mayweather angle.

  • 5432

    why not taker vs. y2j or barrett???

    • cristina

      Because that would be the right decision, and a good one. WWE is allergic to good decisions…it gives them hives and makes them want to go poopy

      • kbunyon

        I'm sorry, but the names Richard put out there have proven over and over again that they're worthy of these pushes.

        Barrett was on the list Richard posted, so I don't see where the problem there is.

        Taker just isn't in physical condition to lead the pack these days. Getting him to WM and in a good match is an iffy venture at this point.

        Jericho is up in the air right now. Who knows where the WWE was going to do with Jericho yet. I think it best to wait and see what the plan is there. I'm sure Jericho will get a solid push wherever he lands.

        Saying the WWE is allergic to good decisions is just silly at this point. They proved that on RAW with Jericho's return.


        • cristina

          Let me rephrase that. They can make a good decision..they do all the time. The problem is that usually they find a way to really shit all over those good choices. It's like a contest among the writers, and management over who can mess up a good thing the best

  • David

    Why would the Big Show need to be heel? When he had his match against Akebono, he was a face.

    • Ricky

      WWE is going to push him according to fan reaction and what makes the most sense from the money side of the matter. It would make sense to make Show heel to face Shaq given their History, also they could make Shaq heel due to the fact he used to play for The Heat but went to Phoenix. With WWE it's all about the money when it comes to Mania.

      • GODSENT83

        Always about money

  • joe

    punk vs taker at WM, punk ends the streak, punk solidified as the new face of wwe, what i would do and i love the undertaker

    • just a fan

      no ending the streak…EVER

      • Andy

        I'm a HUGE cm punk fan….and i would never want this to happen ever, undertaker deserves to be undefeated forever

  • Jbreed

    Who's gonna be the next big WWE star? We've been asking this question for years now and the we still haven't seen a new star because it's always been and always will be about John Cena and Randy Orton.

    • Sean Atkins

      um….. what about the miz, cm punk, daniel bryan, sheamus, and del rio.

  • thatguy

    People need to accept the fact that the Taker vs HHH make wasn't as good as you all think it was. Go watch it again. Go watch someone hit one spot then lay there for 5 mins the entire match. it wasn't a good match get over it. I would not want to see it again.

    Taker and HBK was great the 2nd time why? cause the first one was epic. This would be a lame flat out waste of time and does nothing for taker or HHH

  • H.M.

    Call me deluded but the one person I feel worthy enough to challenge Undertaker in his (presumably) final match at the greatest event of them all is Sting. I know it will never happen and Sting dashed any chance of it last year but IF it were it'd blow any other name out of the water because of the legends involved and the fact that they've never faced one another before in their long storied careers. Yes, I dream a lot.

    Y2J looks like another great option but I have a gut feeling that Jericho will go after Punks title(I wouldn't mind either scenario).

    Barrett and Sheamus are growing but they don't fit as Undertakers final opponents. Who would honestly believe that any of those two would beat Taker? Aside from that I doubt the match would draw much if at all.

    I admire you for talking yourself into HHH/Taker but I for one wasn't very hyped for their match last year(partially due to my disappointment in HHH having been the opponent instead of Sting and how HHH was booked as a fresh opponent for Taker despite having faced him before) and you can damn well bet I'm against a THIRD match. You want someone to have a third match with Undertaker at WM? Kane makes a lot more sense but that's just me.

  • Dave

    I honestly don’t think HHH has anything to gain by going against taker again for the second year running for a few reasons. One I think it takes away from shawn far too much. That was his last match and is the last part of his legacy. HHH is gonna be in wwe for a very long time as hell eventually take over from vince and I’m sure will take bumps from time to time. This is most probably going to be takers last WM, ending it on 20. 21 or 22 just doesn’t sound right. Taker should choose someone fresh who can go the distance yet him still keep the streak and go out on a high. Just my thoughts, done.

  • Gaz

    i can see that the HHH vs Taker match again at WM 28 wouldn't have a lot to offer but also there isn't really many superstars who could give Taker one last good match, due to some superstars who aren't quite near that level yet to challenge him but does the match have to be one on one? maybe one superstar can't meet the requirements but what if the match or stipulations of a match which included more than one opponent be fitting for Takers last match? because here superstars like Jericho and punk, big show who are some of the more experienced wrestlers in the rosters who could put up a challenge or have superstars like who need that push in their careers to compete? just spitballin here… but one other match i had an idea for takers last match could possibly be a world title or wwe title match which was more in the lines of a fatal four way or an elimination match? what do you guys think?

  • Peter


  • Charmen

    i don't care if Chyna did porn, I wanna see her in action. Triple H vs Undertaker? again? no, their match last year was okay but it ain't nothing on HBK vs Undertaker. Daniel B, isn't on the main level.

  • Joe

    I would like to see Brock lesner vs taker and then WM 29 cena vs taker no repeats and 2 hell of a matches

  • kim

    What about Taker vs Kevin Nash? Personally, I would hate to see the streak ever end. It’s a real legacy for Taker and will live on long after he’s gone. No other superstar alive could match that accomplishment! I’m not so sure that this will be his very last WM, although I think he’s just about there. The WWE should hold out at least another year for a solid opponent for him – somebody like Sting, perhaps. I know it’s super unlikely, but in a business like this, you should never say never. Like most of you,I’m not a big fan of the repeat matches, however Shawn pulled it off beautifully! For the moment, I can’t find the perfect opponent for Taker that will be likely to fit the bill. So hopefully, they find a decent guy to fill those empty shoes until next year so Taker can go out with a bang. And leave his streak immortalised forever as being undefeated!

  • I can see Undertaker facing Y2J now that he's back with his cocky persona.

  • Matt

    Ricardo Rodriguez vs Undertaker=18-1 *sarcasm*

  • Lee

    I dont see Undertaker wrestling until wrestlemania 30 have ur last match at MSG vs John Cena

  • Kevin

    HHH v Undertaker at Wrestlemania: I must agree with Patrick: enough with the repeat performances. Undertaker is my all-time favorite wrestler, in all his personas. The WWE has run with him winning every Wrestlemania event he's been in for 20 years now; letting him lose one would be disastrous. So he should be allowed to be the only wrestler in history to go totally undefeated at Wrestlemania. I do believe that UT should retire soon; he's looking worn down. He has a little girl to consider. He should do a match at this year's Wrestlemania, perhaps against Sheamus, then begin a feud with Cena or maybe even continue with Sheamus. He could appear bi-weekly on television, carrying on the feud for an entire year, culminating at 2013's Wrestlemania. The Undertaker wins, perhaps barely, then comes on Monday Night Raw and announces his retirement. Doing it that way gives the fans one more year of UT, and allows UT to retire a winner (as he should).

  • Aids Chan

    I think they could kill two birds with one stone. Have the Undertaker and *ahem* CM Punk fight to a draw. I'm not saying it's the perfect ending, but it IS a way for the undertaker to retire technically undefeated, and for someone to get rub for technically ending the streak.

  • Prprince

    Shaq should stay out off wwe. He was a good ball player a good security guard horrible rapper (that went platinum by the way) and would be a crappy wrestler. Haven’t we learned from Dennis rodman?