Shawn Michaels Disputes CM Punk's Claim That A Guy Like Him Wouldn't Have Been On The First Episode Of Raw

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The Miami Herald has a new article up with quotes from WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. In the interview, he discusses his new Deuce Brand watch, why he didn't think Monday Night Raw would be a long-term success, and more.

In the following excerpt, Michaels discusses his retirement and whether he ever wants to compete again:

“I certainly don’t get the itch,” Michaels said. “That is something that does not happen to me. I think I do get satisfied when I get to go back to do an appearance and get to be a special referee or just an autograph session. Things like that, which is something I really enjoy. Certainly, I don’t stay on the sidelines longing to be in the spotlight, but the time that I am, it’s always a great deal of fun.

“I still try to do a good job and try not to phone it in. It’s almost like two different parts of your life. The first part of your life is geared toward one direction, and the second part of your life is more geared toward another. I’m guessing that is sort of where I’m at, but not forsaking or forgetting the first part by any stretch. I’m appreciative for it and thankful for it.”

CM Punk said on Raw last week that a guy like him wouldn't have made it onto the first episode of Raw. Michaels disputes that in the excerpt below:

“I certainly understand the point he was trying to make,” Michaels said. “It was a different time, and there was a different attitude toward us guys, but because he is a fighter and doesn’t take a lot of guff from folks — for the same reasons that he is on now and the same reason he accomplished what he has in his career now, which is a testament to him — for all of those reasons, all the good reasons and positives because he is a fighter, I think he would have been on the first show.

“I think I understand the point he was trying to make. It was a different time. There were stereotypes that needed to be broken back then, and thankfully, it was done. Hopefully, it has made a difference for Punk and the others. I think because of the type of dude he is, I don’t think he would have had anything to worry about.”

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  • thespider

    CM Punk/HBK fued! Book it, WWE!

    • Logan_Walker

      No Just Leave HBK Retired. or he will just be like every other wwe superstar who has "retires and then comes back for a few matches" i say if this did happen it would make no sense and it would ruin HBK

      • Patrick Peralta

        I agree HBK should stay retired…..but don't forget he came back from a serous career ending back injury and back then people thought he was finished and he was retired for about 5 yrs before he came back.

  • Matt

    Michaels always a class act.

    • Chris

      That was a pretty classy nod from HBK to Punk.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Shawn michaels one of a kind. When ever I hear the word greatness immediately Shawn michaela pops in to my mind. Was lucky to have seen his career.