Shawn Michaels Explains Love/Hate Relationship With Undertaker, Why He's Staying Retired

WWE posted a Wrestlemania Rewind clip on Tuesday morning of Shawn Michaels discussing his relationship with Undertaker over the years, their level of maturity at Wrestlemania 25 and ultimately his retirement match at Wrestlemania 26.

Speaking of Undertaker's thoughts on him in the early days, Michaels commented that, Undertaker, "always respected what I did in the ring but just didn't like me."

The feeling was mutual, Michaels admitted.

"I didn't particularly think he was all that either. Didn't care for him much. I was a little more outgoing."

Shawn noted he was not intimated by Undertaker's gimmick as most people were but he respected him. He spoke of their relationship as love/hate and that Undertaker put up with him. Michaels said that Vince McMahon did a lot of balancing back and forth as they were two mainstays on different sides of the ship.

Michaels said regardless of their relationship behind-the-scenes, every time they got in the ring it was phenomenal and they always enjoyed it.

When speaking on their match at Wrestlemania 26 and why he's not tempted to come out of retirement, Michaels said he's never done a perfect thing in his life. However, he's wise enough to know the things he's done that shouldn't be messed with.

You can watch the clip at this link or embedded in the video below:

Wrestlemania Rewind airs on WWE Network Tuesdays at 9/8c.

Richard Reacts: I'll never forget that following their match at Wrestlemania 26 on March 28, 2010, my mentor texted me with the words, "best match ever." What a moment and what a match to go out on.

  • Xavier

    Good listen. Thanks for posting

  • LeftyTosser

    Obviously your “mentor” never say any of the Steamboat / Flair matches. Talk about epic. Those matches were works of art.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Meh, I always thought their WrestleMania matches were overrated. Especially the last one.

    • BigMike

      Their first one was better than their second one…….

      • Bob’s Diner

        I will agree with that

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      Oh…you’re “that guy”.

      • Bob’s Diner

        What does that mean? I’m that guy with his own opinions? I’m that guy that doesn’t think something is the greatest just because others do?

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    At 0:46 – Everyone Talks Too Much