Shawn Michaels Gives His Reaction To Darren Young Coming Out asked Shawn Michaels about his reaction to Darren Young coming out. Shawn said that he just found out about it but being gay in pro wrestling is "very eighties." He said it's something that's been in the business for years but now it's certainly a safe time to come out. Michaels said Young's decision was gutsy and it was good. He said he doesn't keep up much with WWE but that it's actually hip to be gay right now.

You can check out the footage embedded in the video below:



Richard Reacts: HBK's attitude highlights what I've been saying in multiple interviews. Despite the mainstream stereotype of "pro wrestling people" being "out of touch" or "behind-the-times," it's actually quite the opposite. This is an issue we overcame years ago and we're actually AHEAD of the curve when it comes to sexual orientation. That doesn't mean that Darren Young coming out isn't a big deal because it is. However, as you can see with Michaels, being gay in wrestling is nothing new.

  • Nostaljack

    He spoke for a minute and a half and I have no idea how he feels at all. LOL! Gotta love that.

    • Xavier

      It’s pretty obvious that he’s against it.

  • Kacie

    What is up with the beard?

  • PFElton

    Sorry to say, but Chris Kanyon was openly gay 14 years ago. Hate to burst the 21st century liberalism here.

    • Justin Lal

      Good point. But what about Pat Patterson? I bet WWE feels really good about themselves regarding being behind Darren Young’s decision to come out. But it’s real easy for WWE to do this in the environment in today’s society. But where the hell where they in the 80s, 90s and even early 2000s when they had Pat Patterson as an employee? WWE tried to hide Pat Patterson from the public. How do I know? Because I met Patterson personally at Starbucks in Seattle during WM 19 weekend. I asked him if he would be at Axxess and he said the company said no.

  • james

    Only in America is something so biologically juxtaposed to how we are created would garner such praise!