Shawn Michaels Speaks On Triple H Confrontation; Watch The Latest Backstage Fallout Here

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- The post-Smackdown footage that WWE showed last night on Raw Supershow is online at this link.

- The official WWE website has a backstage interview with Shawn Michaels that you can watch at this link. Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for sending this in.

- The latest edition of Backstage Fallout is in the video embedded below:

  • Maz

    I think ‘the miz’ really shined this week on raw, I thought the miz had lost his main even spot after last weeks events, but the miz still has it.
    His comments at the debate were awesome, it felt strong as If he really meant it.

    • XKonn247

      Shone. Not shined. Being able to talk means you can hold a strap? That’s one aspect.

  • monty

    that was the best part of raw you know something is so crazy that these old guys keep on stealing shows whenever they show up it seems to me none of the mid card guys want to make the jump to main event. the money as a mid card is great enough i guess but VKM has issues on his hand because after this wrestlemania rock,hbk,undertaker and hhh are done and people are tired of cena and orton has turned into everything he said he hated about cena.

    in my humble opinion miz and ziggler along with celtic warrior have to step their games up

  • Maz

    Well said, I think it’s a good time for John Morrison to return

  • BigMike

    It is a tricky situation on how to deal with Miz with him being in the main event a week out from a PPV so in case noone noticed on RAW he had his theme music on but was already in the ring so he did not get his normal entrace AND he not only got the loss but he TAPPED little things like that plus he could be the first one eliminated and have it be done in a very humiliating fashion I could very easily see this happening